Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boy Scout Exec: Molestations were parents’ fault, not BSA’s

Boy Scout Exec: Molestations were parents’ fault, not BSA’s
Written by Mike Daniels Secular News Daily
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In a twisted attempt to deflect blame from his own organization, a Boy Scouts executive declared Thursday that the parents of molested children were responsible for the sexual abuse, and guilty of possibly criminal neglect.

Eugene Grant is President of the Cascade Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Council is being sued for $29M for covering up for and enabling pedophile Timur Dykes. See my earlier article for more info on this.

Grant insisted that it was not BSA policy to allow sleepovers. When pressed by the plaintiff’s attorney, Kelly Clark, he admitted that there was no such policy at the time of the assaults, in the 1980s.

Grant continued to blame the parents, however:

His parents should have known better. I think it was criminal.

I just find it almost incomprehensible to think their children were going to be safe in that type of environment.

The environment? Sleepovers at Dykes’ home. Dykes being a supposedly vetted and approved Assistant Scoutmaster.

Eugene Grant doesn’t believe that your children are safe alone with his vetted-and-approved leaders. Frankly, I’d tend to agree.

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