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Former Scout on trial for alleged sex offences

Former Scout on trial for alleged sex offences
JENNA HAND Canberra Times
16 Jun, 2010 08:25 AM
A former Scout is on trial in the ACT Supreme Court accused of committing sexual offences against three teenage girls he allegedly met through the organisation.
The 23-year-old, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, cannot be named under the territory's child protection laws because he was 17 when some of the alleged assaults took place. The Supreme Court heard he met the girls during Scouting activities in which he had a leadership role, had sex with two of them, used one to procure child pornography and suggested by text message that a third perform an act of a sexual nature.

Prosecutor Chris Todd said that in September 2004, the man and 13-year-old ''AB'' went to a mutual friend's birthday party.

They had previously discussed the prospect of having sex. In the early hours of the morning, the man allegedly went into the bedroom in which the girl was sleeping, then went with her to another room and had sex.

Mr Todd said the man arranged to see the girl twice in the weeks that followed and that on both occasions he asked for and received oral sex.

The next year, when the girl was 14, the man allegedly drove her from her school to a Scout hall where they had sex. The court heard that the man met his second alleged victim, ''CD'', in 2006 during a Scouting activity in which he played an organisational role.

CD said in pre-recorded video evidence that the man later contacted her to ''catch up'' and that in January 2007 he arranged to meet her at her local shops after work.

He allegedly drove the then 15-year-old to a nearby oval and asked her to perform oral sex. ''He asked me... as he was pulling his pants down, saying, 'You know you want to,''' she said.

''I said that no, I didn't really want to, giving non-committal answers, but he kept encouraging me to do it and wouldn't take no for an answer. ''In the end I gave up and sort of gave in to his encouragement and proceeded to give him oral sex.''

CD told the court that, under pressure from the man, she pulled her jeans down and he put his fingers into her vagina.

Three months later, he allegedly picked her up at the same location, gave her a green vibrator and used it on her while in the car.

CD told Justice Richard Refshauge that the man said, ''I've given you a present, now you have to give me a present,'' and pulled down his pants.

She said she stopped performing oral sex after a couple of minutes because she felt uncomfortable.

CD took the vibrator home because she didn't want him to have it.

The teenager said she sent the man photos of herself using it because she ''ran out of excuses'' and ''gave up'' resisting his requests.

Under cross-examination by defence counsel James Glissan, QC, the teenager said she did not expect to partake in sexual activity when she met the man.

Asked whether she expected the same things to happen on the second occasion as she said happened on the first, she told him she did not.

CD also repudiated Mr Glissan's suggestion that she made up the allegations in order to get the defendant into trouble at Scouts, and that it ''got out of hand''.

A third alleged victim, ''EF'', said in her pre-recorded video evidence that the man befriended her during a Scouting activity in 2007 and supported her through an emotional period.

The teenager told the court she was 15 when he gave her a purple vibrator in the car park of her local Scout hall and suggested it would help relieve her stress. At his request, she photographed her naked breasts and sent him the image via mobile phone.

The court heard the man was charged with possessing child pornography after a 2007 search of his home found images of children engaged in sexual acts.

The judge-alone trial continues today.

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