Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Conviction confirmed


Cassation rejected all the resources of Father Grassi and confirmed his conviction

Buenos Aires, September 14, 2010

On this day, the Division II of the Criminal Cassation Chamber of Buenos Aires confirmed by a unanimous decision the conviction of Father Julio C├ęsar Grassi by two facts of sexual abuse and aggravated corruption of minors.

In dialogue with C5N, Grassi said, “The judges did not have the strength to acquit me. Obviously were pressured in any way. Do not I know anything for sure; I did get a lot of rumors and you see the result.”

The priest had been acquitted of 15 complaints by the Tribunal Oral Moron No. 1, but convicted of two acts of sexual abuse and aggravated corruption of minors.

“The judges have just confirmed the absurdity of the Court 1. I’m outraged, I am disappointed with the judges. I do not know how they justify this ruling. It’s a shame, “said Grassi.

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