Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Abuse hearing

Anglican Diocese hears claims of sex abuse
Posted December 14, 2010 07:55:00
Map: Newcastle 2300 A prosecutor has told an Anglican church disciplinary hearing that a Hunter Valley priest must be deposed to give an alleged sex-abuse victim justice.

The Newcastle Anglican Diocese Professional Standards Board is holding hearings for four priests and a former church worker.

They relate to an alleged group sex incident involving a 19 year old at a church seminar at Narrandera in 1984.

The board was told Graeme Sturt has no memory of being at the Narrandera seminar.

But the Diocese Prosecutor, Phillip Lloyd told the Board Reverend Sturt was taking voyeuristic delight when he watched two other priests abuse the alleged victim.

Mr Lloyd said Reverend Sturt must get the ultimate sanction for the alleged victim to get justice.

He said the case involving Sturt was about justice, not money, before calling for Reverend Sturt to be deposed from holy orders.

The board was told the alleged victim was only galvanised into action, after learning that another of his alleged abusers, the former Dean of Newcastle Graeme Lawrence was taking on relief work in the Wangaratta Diocese.

Police are not proceeding with a criminal investigation into Reverend Sturt, and the others, including the Very Reverend Graeme Lawrence.

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