Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cardinal won't resign
Cardinal: I won't resign over Smyth
Cardinal Sean Brady will not resign over his swearing to secrecy of two child victims of notorious paedophile Brendan Smyth 35 years ago, his spokesman said last night.

The renewed call for resignation came in a UTV investigation from the last woman to be abused by Smyth in 1993, some 28 years after the then Fr Brady interviewed children about Smyth.

The woman, who was abused when she was aged 12, said she would not have been raped by "the devil Smyth" if Fr Brady "had done his job" and reported Smyth to the gardai in 1975.

UTV highlighted a statement by Cardinal Brady that if he thought any of his actions had damaged children, he would consider resigning.

But last night his spokesman said Cardinal Brady was only a priest at the time not a manager.

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