Friday, December 10, 2010

Don't let future generations bear burden of sex scandal
December 10, 2010

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Twitter FarkIt Type Size A A A On Wednesday, a Kent County jury wisely acknowledged that parish congregations are also victims of the crime of clergy sex abuse.

Defrocked priest Francis DeLuca was ordered to pay an additional $30 million in punitive damages to victim John M. Vai, on top of last week's $30 million award for compensatory damages.
This is an acceptable conclusion to the sexual terror, made possible by the secrecy of inept church hierarchy, which allowed DeLuca to continue.
But by assessing just $1 to the earlier punitive $3 million verdict against St. Elizabeth Church, the verdict served notice to "people in the pews" that they are not directly responsible for actions of which they had no direct knowledge.
But they do share a responsibility, especially to children.
The loss as a vanguard of parochial education for generations is at stake, as parishes like the century-old St. Elizabeth are forced to shutter and sell properties to settle mega-million judgments for crimes by many, who in most cases are now either infirm, penniless or dead.
To end the visitation of this unjust burden on future, and arguably innocent, generations of Catholics, today's congregations must accept the implicit call to arms in Wednesday's verdict to be active participants in the end of clergy sexual abuse.

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