Saturday, December 18, 2010

Life and crimes
The life and crimes of a notorious paedophile
1978 -- Tony Walsh ordained a priest. Two days after he was appointed to Ballyfermot Parish, Archbishop House receives a complaint he abused an eight-year-old boy.

1979 -- A 14-year-old boy alleges he was abused by Walsh.

1985 -- Walsh meets Monsignor Alex Stenson and admits abuse. He agrees to see a psychiatrist.

1986 -- Moved to Westland Row. He admits to abusing three children.

1988 -- Walsh claimed he was drunk after complaint he interfered with girl. Later admits abuse on a "staggering scale."Archdiocese sends Walsh for treatment and removes him from his post.

1990 -- Gardai contacted by a mother of abused child.

1992 -- Archbishop Connell starts canonical process to defrock him.

1994 -- Rome rules Walsh should remain a priest but go to a monastery for 10 years. Gardai arrest Walsh for sexually assaulting a child at grandfather's funeral.

1995 -- Walsh in court on sex charge. Archdiocese contacts gardai. Walsh is charged with further offences. In November Pope John Paul II defrocks Walsh.

1996/1997 -- Walsh jailed for 10 years for indecent assault. Reduced on appeal to six years.

2002 -- RTE broadcasts Cardinal Secrets and 20 more people claim they were abused by Walsh.

2010 -- Convicted of nine counts of indecent assault and five counts of buggery. Sentenced to 12 years in prison after admitting abuse against a further two boys.

Murphy report finds Walsh may have abused hundreds of children.


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