Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vatican criminals
WikiLeaks upsets criminals at Vatican

Pope Benedict the evil by AP
Last week the Vatican's press office advised the public to read the diplomatic cables from WikiLeaks "with great prudence." They went on to advise that the content of the leaks are only the opinions of those who wrote them. In a vain effort to further distance themselves from the embarrassing contents of the leaks which reveal the Vatican, the Pope and high ranking Catholic Church bureaucrats care more about the shallow appearance of the Catholic Church and that they couldn't care less about their innocent victims.

WikiLeaks reveals that the Catholic Church obstructed the Irish investigation into pedophile priests abusing Irish children between January 1975 and May of 2004. The Irish government's investigation concluded with the Murphy Report (PDF). The Guardian reported on Saturday that the Vatican was upset when the Irish government asked high ranking Catholic bureaucrats to come to Ireland and testify. The pompous clergymen were not at all concerned about the innocent children who fell victim to the sexual perversions of the Catholic priests. Instead, they were concerned that the Irish government "failed to respect and protect Vatican sovereignty during the investigations." The callousness of these self-righteous "holy" men is stomach turning! How can they even think of anything other than the welfare of the abused and hurting children???

The fact that the criminals in the Vatican were upset that the Irish government did not show the Vatican "respect" helps to make the very important point that not everything deserves respect. Certainly the Vatican does not deserve respect. One of the main reasons the world is still suffering under the unnatural absurdities of Christianity and the other "revealed" religions is because people mistakenly believe they deserve respect. Why? They teach destructive ideas like Jewish superiority (Deuteronomy 7:6), they teach deadly superstitions like faith-healing (Mark 16:18), they teach Muslims not to be friends with people who are not Muslims (Surah 3:118) and in general they teach to focus on the hereafter while the here and now goes to hell.

The Deist and key American Founder and political and religious revolutionary Thomas Paine taught us well when he said we need to be bold in addressing the bad teachings and nonsense of Christianity and all "revealed" religions. In a letter to his fellow Deist Elihu Palmer regarding Palmer's book, Principles of Nature, Paine wrote, "I see you have thought deeply on the subject, and expressed your thoughts in a strong and clear style. The hinting and intimating manner of writing that was formerly used on subjects of this kind produced skepticism, but not conviction. It is necessary to be bold. Some people can be reasoned into sense, and others must be shocked into it. Say a bold thing that will stagger them, and they will begin to think." Once enough people begin to actually and objectively think, the end of the "revealed" religions will be in sight and true natural and meaningful progress will be on the horizon.

To demonstrate the hypocrisy of the Vatican and all the fake human-beings who occupy it are, all we need to do is look at the case of Cardinal Bernard Law. Bernie Law was the first Catholic clergyman shown to have covered up for pedophile priests at the terrible expense of innocent children. What did the Vatican do about Bernie? They promoted him and moved him in with the other unnatural criminals in the Vatican! Hiding out from justice in Rome, Bernie keeps busy in several Catholic organizations including the Pontifical Council for the Family! This FACT fully exposes the Catholic Church as an organization for complete and total hypocrites who lie through their teeth and who don't even have compassion for children.

These pathetic facts show a deep need for a total revolution in religion, for a religious revolution which will replace the "revealed" religions with Nature and reason friendly Deism.

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