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Databases and lists

Databases and Lists

• The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church - David M. Cheney's extremely useful resource providing "current and historical information about the bishops and dioceses" of the Catholic church
• USCCB's List of U.S. Bishops and Dioceses
• - Dr. Edward N. Peter's useful lists and commentary
• U.S. Roman Catholic Dioceses by State - a convenient map and list, with links to diocesan Web sites, bishops' email addresses, and parish directories, presented by ParishesOnline

• Portrait of the Accused - NY Times summary table and charts of accused priests, with spreadsheet of the summary data (1/12/03)
• Catholic Bishops and Sex Abuse - Dallas Morning News
• America's Worst Bishops: Which Bishops Have Made the Worst Decisions about Abusive Priests? by Laura Sheahan, Rebecca Phillips and Deborah Caldwell, (6/02)

• Accused Baltimore Priests and Cardinal Keeler's letter explaining the list
• Cases of Abusive Priests Moved to New Locations - List compiled by SNAP from 1/6/04 USCCB audit of Charter compliance

Dioceses That Have Released Lists of Accused Priests

• Baltimore MD and Cardinal Keeler's letter explaining the list (as of 1/28/10, these materials are not on the archdiocesan website)

• Chicago (updated at the same URL with no "revised on" date and no indication of who has been added or what has been changed; see our cached copies of earlier versions; numbers in brackets indicate additions, subtractions, and current totals of priests with substantiated allegations: 3/20/06 [+15=55; see Falsani article for prior total]; 9/15/08 [+7=62]; 1/4/10 [+3–1=64]; 1/14/10 [+1=65]; 10/4/10 [same total as 1/14/10 but updated entries on Craig, Hagan, Hoder, Holihan, Huppenbauer, Kissane, Mayer, McCaffrey, and Weston])

• Davenport IA (this table has been updated periodically by the diocese; we have several cached versions: 7/14/08 and 5/21/09, as well as Bishop Franklin's 2/25/04 report with our commentary)

• Detroit MI (we have cached a copy of this 5/10 report; see also our cache of the earlier 10/09 report)

• Dubuque IA (the table has been updated periodically by the archdiocese; we have cached several versions: 2/21/06; 9/22/06; 4/20/09; and 4/26/10; see also our webpage collating the two 2006 versions)

• Fairbanks AK (this list on our site consolidates two files 1 2 posted on the diocesan site on 12/29/09 and linked from a page providing other documents relating to the diocese's bankruptcy filing; we have cached all the bankruptcy documents on our site)

• Fort Worth TX (this list with assignments of "priests with allegations with a semblance of truth," created on 11/22/10, is accessible from the diocesan homepage through the menu path: Ministries > Victim Outreach & Healing > List of Priests. We have cached three versions of this list: 11/22/10; 12/11/09; and 3/30/07. The 2010 and 2009 lists appear to be identical.

• Gallup NM (this article reports the release of an incomplete list in the diocesan newspaper Voice of the Southwest; no list is posted on the diocesan website)

• Grand Rapids MI (this newspaper report states that on 5/16/02 the diocese released a chart containing a partial list of 8 accused priests, after the the county prosecutor met with the diocesan attorney, who provided a list of 11 accused priests; the list is not on the diocesan website)

• Joliet IL (this list has been updated periodically by the diocese; we have cached two versions: 4/9/06 and 6/18/08)

• Los Angeles CA (as of 1/28/10, the archdiocesan website offered a link on its Protecting Our Children page, purportedly to the 2/17/04 Report to the People of God; but the linked version of the Report had been modified by removing the list of accused priests; see the modified Report on the archdiocesan site and our cached copy of the modified report; after releasing the list of accused priests, published as part of the 2/17/04 Report to the People of God, the archdiocese released errata and an addendum to the report; see our page providing links and commentary)

• Madison WI (Bishop Bullock's letter is no longer on the diocesan website; we cached this copy)

• Milwaukee WI (this list has been updated periodically by the archdiocese; we have cached three versions: 7/9/04, 11/26/07, and 12/09)

• Monterey CA (this letter was issued by Bishop Ryan as part of the John Jay report process on 2/4/04 but is no longer on the diocesan website; nor are the promised updates; the website does contain a press release dated 7/28/09 on several accused priests, couched as a rebuttal of two articles in the Monterey Herald 1 2)

• Orange CA (we have cached a copy of Bishop Brown's letter regarding the John Jay results)

• Peoria IL (the diocesan website no longer provides this 5/30/02 document)

• Philadelphia PA updates this online list, which it started after the Philadelphia Grand Jury report was released on 9/15/05; the archdiocese also maintains an online list of pending cases; the Philadelphia lists provide photographs, assignment histories including time in treatment facilities, and current status; the list is not complete, but it is the best diocesan list

• Portland ME (this article reports on a press conference by Bishop Malone; see also another article; however, as of 1/28/10, the diocesan website does not provide a copy of Malone's statement, and it does not provide a list of accused priests)

• San Diego CA (these lists of accused diocesan, religious order, and extern priests with assignment records were released by the diocese on 3/30/07 as part of the bankruptcy process; the lists are no longer on the diocesan website)

• Spokane WA (in addition to a cached copy of the diocesan list as of 1/28/10, we have cached the identical 11/3/09 version of the list, as well the text of Bishop Skylstad's 10/23/02 announcement)

• St. Petersburg FL released this report from Bishop Robert M. Lynch on 12/12/03 as part of the John Jay report process; this report is no longer on the diocesan website

• Toledo OH has on the diocesan website a partial list of accused priests and their status dated 12/31/09; we have cached a copy of that list and a copy of a 2/17/05 list and a 3/30/04 article on an earlier partial list

• Tucson AZ posts this list of accused clergy and other personnel with assignment records on the diocesan website; we have cached a copy of the list; an earlier version was released on 2/27/04 as part of the John Jay report process

• Wilmington DE and MD (Saltarelli's list is no longer available on the diocesan website; it was originally published in the 11/16/06 diocesan newspaper)

Boston Lists

• List of Accused Boston Clerics (, 12/20/10)
- USA Today 11/11/02 list of accused priests: 61 named priests
- Reilly report 7/23/03 count: 237 unnamed priests [PDF p. 19]
- Boston Globe 3/5/03 list of priests removed: 48 named priests
- Boston John Jay 2/26/04 count: 216 unnamed priests: 162 diocesan, 44 order, 10 extern
- Garabedian 1/19/11 list of priests with settlements against them: 117 priests, including 19 newly identified

Other Lists of Accused Priests

• List of 236 Accused Priests from 10 Largest U.S. Dioceses (11/11/02)

• Cases of Abusive Priests Moved to New Locations - List compiled by SNAP from 1/6/04 USCCB audit of Charter compliance

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