Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4 bills

NEWS UPDATE: Senator introduces four bills on sex abuse
Pacific Daily News • March 1, 2011

A week after the Guam Legislature passed two bills addressing childhood sexual abuse, Sen. Tony Ada introduced four bills addressing the issue, according to a press release issued today.

Bill 100 would require that the Department of Education to incorporate safe internet surfing habits in its curriculum.

Bills 101 and 102 would place controls and restrictions on registered sex offenders who may use social networking sites, instant messaging, blogs and email.

Bill 99 would require certain individuals who have committed a sex crime or a crime of violence to provide a DNA sample to be catalogued with the FBI.

During the Legislature's first session, senators passed two bills on sex abuse.

Passed unanimously with 15 votes, Bill 33, introduced by Vice Speaker Benjamin Cruz, will eliminate the statute of limitations on sex crimes committed against those under the age of majority, if signed into law. Under Guam law the age of majority is 18. The window for prosecuting cases of sexual abuse is three years after the age of majority, or 21.

Bill 34 will allow for a two-year window for past victims of childhood sexual abuse to file civil claims in the Superior Court of Guam, if signed into law.

Bill 34 passed with only nine votes — even after an all-day floor debate and the addition of several amendments to the bill.

Sen. Tony Ada voted against the bill.

The Archdiocese of Agana released a statement last week saying the organization was "hopeful" the governor would veto Bil 34.

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