Saturday, March 5, 2011

Priest accused's
Priest In Abuse Lawsuit At St. Joseph's
Updated: Saturday, 05 Mar 2011, 9:24 AM EST
Published : Saturday, 05 Mar 2011, 9:24 AM EST

A priest accused of sexually harassing a seminary student is working as a chaplain at St. Joseph's University, and he was placed that by the Archdiocese Of Philadelphia.

He's a part-time chaplain in the alumni office and has no contact with current students Fox 29 is told.

A spokeswoman for St. Joe's says the university is aware of his past. He had denied the allegations but did agree to an out of court lawsuit settlement back in 2002.

St. Joe's told Fox 29 the archdiocese not only gave its approval but a signed the priest to his current post.

The Archdiocese had no comment on Friday and referred us to the university.

On Monday, the archdiocese will be hit with yet another lawsuit, this time from a man who says two priests sexually abused him as a young child.

When he went to the victim's assistance program the archdiocese set up a few years ago, well, the lawyer says did he not get the help he desperately needed.

The lawsuit comes three weeks after a second scathing grand jury report that found 37 priests who had faced credible accusations still worked in local parishes.

Six years ago the first grand jury found allegations against 63 priests accused of molesting children.

It described how the archdiocese covered up for the priests and allowed the activities to cover sometimes for decades.

The Philadelphia district attorney did not file charges that time because the statute of limitations had expired.

This time, though, a senior church official is facing criminal charges accused of covering up sexual abuse by priests.

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