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Toledo abuse
Toledo Catholic officials Abuse
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ShareTOLEDO, Ohio — The largest support group for clergy abuse victims with more than 10, 000 members and was founded 23 years ago are calling for an independent investigation for alleged crime in Toledo.

Reports say that a top Toledo diocesan official said that mandatory sex abuse prevention training was not made mandatory by many of the parish in Toledo.

Frank DiLallo admitted that not all avail of the training. He said that some of the parishes offered the training while some did not.

Failure to conduct sex abuse prevention training is a violation of the allegedly binding 2002 US bishops’ abuse policy. The policy mandates the parishes to provide the training.

One famous saying of the Lord Jesus Christ says, “Be doers and not hearers only.” The sex abuse training can also help promote child safety and yet the leaders that ought to be the examples for following the policy are the ones who end up breaking them.

The Toledo bishops are being called to investigate the parishes that are not following the abuse policy. The Toledo bishops are also called to discipline the leaders of the parishes who are not complying with the abuse policy.

One of the abuses that are reported is about a Toledo priest who is convicted with murder. The report reveals that although he was convicted, he still remains as a priest.

The Support Network for those Abused by Priests, says that the church is doing nothing to keep child molesters out after a priest accused of molesting a child has resurfaced as an organist at a Detroit-area parish.

The Toledo Child molester priest is identified as Herbert Richey who worked at a St. Clair Shores parish, according to the archdiocese of Detroit.

In Toledo, there was also a priest who is convicted of murder. However, the Toledo priest is still in service as a priest although convicted of murder.

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