Wednesday, October 1, 2008


(ANSA) - Rome, August 3 - A popular priest known nationally for his efforts against drug addiction has been placed under investigation for alleged sexual abuse, the Turin daily La Stampa reported on Friday.According to the daily, Father Pierino Gelmini, 82, came under investigation after complaints were filed by two former residents of his drug rehabilitation center, Communita' Incontro, in Amelia, north of Rome.A spokesman for the priest confirmed that Don Gelmini had been questioned by magistrates and that the probe had been in progress for several months.The spokesman added that the complaints had been filed by two people who had been asked to leave the rehab center and that the La Stampa report was a "no news" affair."If there really is something newsworthy it is the media tempest being stirred up with a photograph of Don Gelmini in his priestly robes splashed on the front page and given greater attention than the collapse of that bridge in the US," the spokesman said.

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