Tuesday, April 7, 2009

11-year-old taught to be suicide bomber

The world's youngest terror suspect... ready to blow himself up at the age of 11
By Debra KillaleaLast updated at 11:54 AM on 07th April 2009

A would-be suicide bomber aged 11 has been arrested alongside Taliban fighters.
Known only as Abdullah, the youngster was caught crossing the mountains from Pakisrtan's tribal region into Afghanistan wearing a jacket packed with explosives.
Police say he is the youngest terror recruit they have ever come across. Abdullah has also become Afghanistan's youngest prisoner but he is still being held at a top security prison in the capital, Kabul.

Abdullah has become the world's youngest terror suspect after he was caught wearing a jacket filled with explosives
Originally from Peshawar in Pakistan, Abudullah was training to be a suicide bomber and had learned the principles of jihad - holy war - at the religious school in Pakistan where he was taught.
Abdullah was interviewed by ITV News's International Editor Bill Neely, who wrote about the visit in the Mirror.
His full interview will be screened on tonight's ITV News at Ten.
Mr Neely said he was shocked at the picture of innocence before him.
'I'd been told I would meet a youth who had been arrested with a group of Taliban fighters – but I didn't expect the picture of apparent innocence that confronted me,' he said.
'I watched this little boy speak, his high-pitched voice so innocent, pouring out the detail of an adventure he had clearly relished.'

ITN journalist Bill Neely said he was shocked at how innocent Abdullah appeared
Mr Neely said Abdullah's days were spent reading the Koran and his evenings were taken up learning how to load weapons and how foreigners came to Muslim lands to kill them.
Abdullah's younger brother Amin, 10, is also a student at the same school.
Abdullah told the journalist, his favourite weapon of choice was the Kalashnikov because he found the trigger of the pistol hard to pull.
When Mr Neely asked the 11-year-old how felt about becoming a suicide bomber he said he knew he 'would end up in pieces.'
He also said he knew the difference between suicide and sacrifice and that he wanted to kill non-Muslims when he grew up 'so they can't come to our homes and kill us.'
It is not yet clear what authorities will do with the boy but it is likely he will be returned back to his religious school.

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