Saturday, May 30, 2009

Christian Brothers won't sell property to pay abuse claims
Order won’t sell property to pay abuse claims
By Alf McCrearySaturday, 30 May 2009
The Christian Brothers have no immediate plans to sell off property in Northern Ireland as part of the Redress Scheme to compensate victims of clerical abuse in the Republic in the wake of the Ryan report.
A Dublin spokesman for the Brothers said that the scheme applied within the Republic and that, to his knowledge, there were no comparable Christian Brothers' industrial schools in the north. He added that in the Republic “nothing was being ruled in or ruled out” until the Order had been given time within the next few weeks to decide on the best way forward.
Following strong representation from the Catholic hierarchy and Dublin Government this week, the order undertook to review the question of further compensation for the victims of clerical sexual, physical and emotional abuse in a number of institutions run by the Order in the Republic.
Earlier this year, the Order’s network of nine schools in Northern Ireland was handed over to a Trust.

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