Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Child molester to become ordained minister

Child molester to become ordained minister
September 7, 12:55 PM Portland Humanist Examiner Micha J. Stone

A convicted child molester is to become an ordained minister. A Louisville, Kentucky church plans to ordain registered sex offender Mark Hourigan, guilty of sodomizing and sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy in 1998. The pastor of City of Refuge Church says the man deserves a second chance.
Hourigan served time in prison and upon release agreed not to have contact with children as a condition of probation. Now Hourigan’s probation is over, though his need to register as a sex offender never ends. According to a former church deacon, Hourigan was never open about his past until he was confronted.
Nevertheless, Pastor Randy Meadows claims Hourigan has changed and deserves forgiveness.
“As a society we can’t forget,“ said Pastor Randy Meadows. “ We can’t move on. And I preach in this church to try to allow god to move you on to a better life.“ Meadows said the Lord has touched Hourigan’s heart.
Many are obviously concerned that the new minister could be a threat to the congregation's children. Indeed, it seems a reckless decision on the part of the church and Pastor Meadows. To preach the possibility of moral redemption is one thing, to place the health and welfare of children at risk is quite another.
This incident simply reflects the madness that is possible once one allows the absurdity of religious faith to color their perception. Pastor Meadows is probably a good man, yet he would risk the welfare of innocent children on a silly wager. His is a hubris that is obnoxious and pathetic, a hubris that is only possible under the cover of the ignorance and superstition that some call faith.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So The way I take it you think that a registered sex offender should not be aloud in a Church because there are kids there. Some questions that I have for you. Do you know WHY this man did this crime. Did this happen to him when he was a child. Did he have family problems as a child. I think that you need to go back and look at the whole picture before you start judging registered sex offenders. Most sex offenders can be treated and return to a normal life. This man has already paid the price for his crime and will have to live with this for the rest of his life. I know that sex offenders have a very hard time trying to find work with this on there record. Very few places will hire them for that reason. I’m a registered sex offender also I committed my 1st sexual offence when I was 6 or 7 years of age with about a 4 year old girl. Why I do not know as of yet One therapist told me that something did happen to me at a very young age. I remember that I did not want her to get pregnant. I have been wanting to get help for over 20 years for my problem. I was scared to tell anyone about this problem for the fear of going to jail. A therapist is required by law to call SRS and then that person will go to jail. I was very lucky with my 5 charges and did not have to do any jail time. I was required by the courts to go to group therapy for sex offenders. I also was able to keep my job and my life. I tried to Commit suicide last year because of this issue and 1 person would not let that happen because he has something else planed for my life. I can Thank GOD and my family for all everything that they have done for me. I know that I have hurt my family with that things that I have done. I’m now in a great Church and YES several people know about my past including the pastor. I’m also in a great group called CELERBATE RECOVERY for anyone with any type of problems at my Church. Maybe you should join a Church and Celebrate Recovery to get you life changed in the right direction also. I praise the Church for having the FAITH in this man. I know that there is a lot more churches out there with registered sex offenders. Just around me I know of at least 6 registered sex offenders that are in Church trying to change there lives.
Thank you GOD for giving me this chance to change my life for the better.

Armand Audrey said...

@ Charles

Before I say anything more, I AM NOT talking about "statutory rape" where someone is old enough to consent to sex but under 18.

Now, Hourigan molested a child when he was IN HIS 40s. Not a 17 year old who consented, but an 11 year old boy. After a certain age (older than six but LONG before adulthood) a person has to step up and take responsibility for their actions. That means stop blaming your upbringing and don't think that following a god makes you a better person.

Christians abuse children because their religion teaches that weakness is acceptable and that they can be forgiven by a fictional entity. That's why it's such an irresponsible religion and harbors child molesters.

If you molest a child even once, then you should be castrated, at least. Don't whine about society like you're a victim. The world would be a better place if "people" like you were allowed to simply die out.