Friday, October 23, 2009

Child sacrifice: Ritual wipes out Uganda kids

Child sacrifice: Ritual wipes out Uganda kids

October 22 2009 at 11:19AM

Ritual sacrifices have claimed the lives of 23 people in Uganda, mostly children and juveniles, since the beginning of the year, a police report said on Thursday.

Child sacrifice is on the rise in the East African nation, where witch doctors kill children and infants and use their body parts in rituals aimed at bringing wealth to those who seek it.

"The 23 who were confirmed dead were killed in circumstances related to child sacrifice," police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba told reporters.

The report said that there have been 954 cases of lost children this year. Of those, 800 were found alive.

Most of the children were simply lost or found at relatives' homes, but an unspecified number were rescued before being sacrificed.

A total of 107 people have been arrested on charges of abducting and murdering children. Some 42 of those have gone to court, the report says. - Sapa-dpa

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