Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fla. man says 'bad spirits' made him kill family

Fla. man says 'bad spirits' made him kill family

NAPLES, Fla. -- Court documents show a Florida man told investigators "bad spirits" made him kill his wife and five children.

The documents say Mesac Damas confessed to slitting their throats with a knife after his wife threatened to divorce him and take the children. A message was left Tuesday with his attorney.

Records show Guerline Damas was bound with rope and her mouth duct-taped. After the tape was removed, she begged her husband not to hurt the children, ages 11 months to 9 years. Mesac Damas told investigators he had second thoughts but realized if he let her go she would call police and the children would be taken.

The bodies were found in their Naples home in September. Mesac Damas was charged with murder and deported from Haiti, where authorities say he fled after the killings.

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