Thursday, November 19, 2009

Abuse report needs more censoring

Abuse report needs more censoring

Thursday November 19 2009

A damning report of child sex abuse in the Dublin Archdiocese has to be censored even further before it can be published, it has been ruled.

A High Court judge found any reference to a second priest who is facing criminal charges and his brother must be removed.

Mr Justice Paul Gilligan had been called in to examine the file for a second time amid fears it may prejudice prosecutions.

Up to 450 people have made abuse allegations against former priests in the diocese since 1940.

It is the second time the Commission of Inquiry report into the Dublin Archdiocese, which has examined allegations against a sample 46 priests, was sent back to the High Court.

The judge ruled on October 15 that all but one section - chapter 19 - could be published. He also ordered any reference to one particular priest and his victims be censored throughout.

But the report was sent back on October 21 for the court to rule over concerns about a second cleric following advice from the Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Mr Justice Gilligan revealed arrest warrants for the second priest, who is named in chapter 20, had been issued by a District Court at the beginning of October.

However he told the court he had come to the conclusion specific parts of the report might prejudice a criminal trial and ordered references throughout which identify the subject matter of chapter 20 and his brother not be published.

It is understood chapter 20 is highly critical of gardai and other State authorities over their handling of the allegations.

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