Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Religious studies teacher Madeleine Martin jailed for affair with pupil

November 25, 2009

Religious studies teacher Madeleine Martin jailed for affair with pupil
Joanna Sugden

(Greater Manchester Police/PA)
Madeleine Martin
A religious studies teacher was jailed for 32 months today for having sex with a teenage pupil she seduced on Facebook.

Madeleine Martin, 39, who has two teenage daughters, lured the 15-year-old boy into a sexual relationship through a fake account on the social networking site.

She showered the boy, a pupil at the school in Greater Manchester where she taught, with gifts including a mobile phone.

The pair’s eight-day affair in February included sex in a car park and was sealed by tattoos, which Martin paid for.

Jennifer Birch, prosecuting, told the court: “She drove them to a retail park and they participated in consensual sexual intercourse.

“She performed oral sex on him until they were asked to leave by a security guard who had spotted them.”

Martin, who is divorced, set up a Facebook account under a fake name to stop the relationship being discovered.

One evening she arranged for her children to be out so she could have sex with the boy.

A “mutual decision” by Martin and the boy ended the relationship in February, but two months later he told his family and they went to the police.

He has since quit school because he “suffered taunting” and his relationship with his mother has been severely affected, the court heard.

“She has seen her vivacious son lose interest in his hobbies. He is very lethargic and has lost the sparkle he once had,” Miss Birch said.

Martin admitted the affair at “the earliest opportunity”, pleading guilty to ten counts of engaging in sexual activity with the boy, Mark Fireman, defending, told the court.

She was going through a divorce at the time and her sister had recently died of cancer, he said.

“This was something she fell into. She was in a very vulnerable position, as was he, and she accepts full blame for what happened,” he said.

Martin has lost “just about everything”, including her job and her friends and she rarely leaves the house, Mr Fireman told the hearing.

“This is an incident she bitterly regrets. She knows she has caused great harm, not least to herself,” he said.

Judge Jonathan Geake said the boy unfortunately has a lasting reminder of their affair in the shape of his tattoo.

He told the defendant: “This is a very sad story for all concerned, not least yourself.

“It is clear your life had come to a very low ebb. It is also clear that you used him as an emotional support and grew unhealthily and inappropriately close to him.

“You started to abuse your position of trust. Eventually you lured him into intercourse which should never have happened.”

Martin, of Knutsford, Cheshire, would also be registered for life as a sex offender under the Sexual Offences Act, he said.

Detective Sergeant Dave Moores, based at Tameside Child Protection Unit, said: “Martin’s actions will leave emotional scars on her victim and his family and have also impacted on the wider community.

“I would like to praise the bravery of the victim in speaking out and ensuring justice was done for him.

“I am satisfied that she has been given the sentence she deserves and hope this will send a strong message that this abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.”

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adrian said...

Everything tragic about this case is a result of the mother contacting the police and subsequent legal persecution. Do you really believe that 15 year old boys feel victimised by the opportunity to have sex? Did anybody ask him if he felt harmed in any way? It was a mutually consensual affair with an amicable break-up: more than a lot of "adults" manage. When will the Brits finally face up to the Victorian proportions their prudery has now reached and the trail of broken lives it leaves in its wake?