Friday, January 1, 2010

Ex-archbishop sentenced in Argentina over sex abuse

Ex-archbishop sentenced in Argentina over sex abuse

Edgardo Storni resigned as archbishop in 2002
A former Roman Catholic archbishop in Argentina been sentenced to eight years in prison for sexually abusing a young seminarian while still in office.

Edgardo Storni, 73, was in charge of the archdiocese of Santa Fe when he abused the male student in 1992.

He will serve his sentence under house arrest because of his age, however his lawyers say he will appeal.

Storni's victim said he was relieved by the conviction and it would allow him to move on with his life.

Judge Maria Mascheroni said Storni had taken advantage of his position of authority over his student

Internal investigation

He is the fourth priest in Argentina to be convicted of sex crimes.

An internal church investigation into alleged sexual misconduct carried out by the former cleric, commenced in 1994 but Agence France-Presse reported that church officials did not comment on this conviction.

The BBC's correspondent Candace Piette in Buenos Aires says the case against Storni gained momentum when an Argentine journalist wrote a book in 2000 describing the abuse of seminarians during spiritual retreats in his diocese.

Although many of these allegations were dismissed by several judges, the case involving this particular seminarian went ahead.

Storni, who currently lives on a farm owned by the archdiocese in Cordoba, resigned from his role as archbishop in 2002.

Storni's lawyer Eduardo Jauchen said this case had been based on "rumours, suspicions and one-sided accounts".

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abacus said...

Interesting to see your blog appears second in a google search after the report in the Dailymail with reference to the panorama program'Sex Crimes and the Vatican'[2006].
This article and the program say that the present pope was actively involved in strategy of damage limitation-suppression of facts/voices/information-with regards to child-sexual abuse by priests.

For-by the horror and severe emotional damage and trauma that was caused by this behaviour,I think from time-to-time,'How does the 'infallibility of the pope'survive this record?

It seems that the catholic administration has harvested a dust bowl.

There's not too much talk about it at my level.I notice that unless there is another way of observing comments,not many people have felt motivated to respond to your writings which seem to be representative.

Maybe it's about wholesale alienation and disempowerment.

Good luck