Friday, February 5, 2010

Priests’ fury at archbishop over sex abuse report

Priests’ fury at archbishop over sex abuse report

Friday, 5 February 2010

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has become “a source of division” among angry priests of the archdiocese of Dublin, the Irish Catholic newspaper claims.

In its weekly edition yesterday, Ireland's biggest Catholic newspaper published the minutes of a private meeting of Dublin priests held last month.

Published extracts reveal a scathing critique of Dr Martin's handling of the fallout from last November's Murphy report into cover-ups of paedophile priests by his four predecessors.

A major cause of outrage among the priests was the confrontational way in which Dr Martin challenged six former Dublin auxiliary bishops to take responsibility for being part of a system that put Church prestige above the welfare of children.

The minutes record that, at the meeting attended by up to 25 clergy on January 18 at the Jesuit-run Manresa retreat house, the priests complained that there was a lack of compassion shown towards the auxiliary bishops by Dr Martin.

The priests claimed that “a grave injustice was done to the auxiliary bishops” and that they were “hung out to dry”.

The minutes further reveal a general feeling in the archdiocese that Archbishop Martin has become “a source of division among priests”, who are no longer content to be “puppets of the diocese”.

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