Thursday, February 25, 2010

Survivors are not just chasing cash

Survivors are not just chasing cash

Thursday February 25 2010

James Kennedy ('Victims of abuse milk the system', Letters, February 23) is of the sickeningly twisted opinion that victims of clerical sexual abuse and child rape -- as perpetrated by members of the Catholic Church over many years -- are somehow in it for the money, while "many will be quick to join the queue to get another wad of money" to help them forgive and forget.

According to the Murphy report, it would seem the only entity in it "for the money" is the Church -- considering the Archdiocese of Dublin took out insurance in 1987, with Church & General Insurance Company, to protect it against possible future claims from victims of abuse it already knew existed.

The report continues: "In return for trivial premiums amounting to £40,000, the diocese (got) €12.9m by way of indemnity.

"Church & General's actual liability under the 1987 insurance policy was reduced because the archdiocese had, at the time of the inception of the policy, significant information concerning . . . claims arising from child sexual abuse by (its) priests".

Throwing money at the issue will not, alone, help solve the misery and pain felt by victims of such heinous and despicable acts, but throwing the Church hierarchy, bishops and those priests directly involved into prison just might.

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