Sunday, March 28, 2010

Protesters urge Pope to quit over sex abuse 'cover up'

Protesters urge Pope to quit over sex abuse 'cover up'

Benedict has issued a letter apologising to Irish victims of abuse
Campaigners are to urge Pope Benedict XVI to resign over the alleged cover up of sex abuse by some Catholic clergy.

They will protest outside Westminster Cathedral from 1200 GMT over claims he failed to ensure priests who abused young people were reported to police.

The Protest the Pope coalition says he has personal responsibility for letting many paedophile priests escape justice.

The Pope has apologised to victims of abuse before and recently said sorry in a pastoral letter to Irish Catholics.

He said he acknowledged the sense of betrayal in the Church felt by victims and their families.

Activist Peter Tatchell, who has helped organise the demonstration, claimed the pontiff ordered a cover-up in a 2001 edict to Catholic Bishops worldwide.

He said: "He failed to ensure that priests who raped and sexually abused young people were reported to the police.

"This is why he is not welcome in the UK and why we object to him being honoured with a state visit in September, especially a state visit that is being funded by the taxpayer."

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libhom said...

Good for Tatchell. He is so courageous.