Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Allegations mount against Catholic Church in Sweden

Allegations mount against Catholic Church
Published: 28 Apr 10 08:33 CET

The sexual abuse allegations against the Catholic church in Sweden continue to grow as a further victim alleges that she was abused by her parish priest.

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The woman, who is now in her forties, claims that she was repeatedly abused as a four-year-old by a priest who was active in the parish.

The woman lived at the time at a Catholic Church children's home in Sweden.

"It has had catastrophic consequences for my life, and my family's life," the woman told Christian website Dagen.

According to the woman, the priest was later transferred to a post overseas. The woman has also since moved abroad.

The abuse has been reported to the Catholic Church in Sweden, but the woman claims that she has neither received any apology nor been met with any understanding for her ordeal.

The Catholic Church has condemned the abuse in a letter to the website and pledged that it "will get to the bottom" of the allegations.

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