Thursday, May 6, 2010

Former Loyola Academy president admits to 'inappropriate relationship'

Former Loyola Academy president admits to 'inappropriate relationship'
He says it happened to him, too. A 40-year-old Loyola Academy graduate claims Rev. Larry Reuter abused him back in the late '80's.

He was a junior in high school at the Wilmette college prep school and needed guidance. Fr. Reuter became his friend and his mentor.

Today, this new claim comes with a demand for an apology.

The Chicago native who now lives in Colorado says he wants Reuter to get some help.

Last March, Reuter was removed from active ministry by the Jesuit order after it was discovered he had an "inappropriate relationship" with an 18-yea- old student at Loyola decades ago. There was a settlement with that student back in the 1990's.

When the initial case came to light this week, this latest alleged victim said he could remain silent no more.

Calling 69-year-old Larry Reuter a great guy who helped him survive high school, the former Loyola student maintains things got too personal his junior year. "He started feeling comfortable giving me a hug, supporting me as a friend. All of a sudden (the hug) became a kiss on the lips."

This went on for 2 years, he claims.

It became a natural course of action for the two to share a close hug, in private, when saying goodbye, followed by the rubbing of his back and a kiss on the mouth.

This new claim comes from a man who is now married and has 2 children of his own.

He sought therapy 10 years ago after suffering a mental breakdown. He had been abused by two separate people in his past. First, he was a second grade student when a neighbor, a few years older than he, forced him to have oral sex. It sent him down a road toward destruction. He was failing in school and later turned to drugs and alcohol before his parents sent him to Loyola Academy for "structure," he says.

That is when he met Reuter.

Today he wants Reuter to do the right thing and come forward with the truth.

"I've been on drugs, I drank too much, and I was in trouble with police," he says. "There is not a single thing in my life that has been more detrimental to my life than being abused by somebody else."

Loyola Academy has been notified of this latest claim and so has the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus which oversees Jesuits in our area.

The Cook County State's Attorney's Office is now investigating whether the statutes 20 years ago will allow for this case to be prosecuted today.
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