Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fourth priest put on leave

Fourth priest put on leave
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 09:13 KR News .
Police are investigating 26 cases of abuse by priests in the Catholic Church, which has now put four of them on leave

The Danish Catholic Church has sent a fourth priest on leave after abuse allegations against him have surfaced.

In a press release, the Church said the foreign-born priest has returned to his homeland while the case is being investigated. However, the matter has not been reported to police as it has already been through the legal system, although no specifics regarding that court case have been made public.

According to Church spokesman Niels Engelbrecht, the priest has also been forbidden from carrying out his duties in his homeland while the investigation is taking place. Engelbrecht would not reveal when the alleged actions took place or what they involved.

So far, 26 cases of alleged abuse by members of the Catholic Church have been reported to Copenhagen Police, who plan to reveal the status of their investigation on 2 June.

According to the church, many of the cases are obsolete and some of the suspects have died since the alleged abuse took place. The church also stated that the majority of accusations have been about indecent exposure and that none involve sexual intercourse.

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