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Sex assault trial told of youngster's trip to the park

Sex assault trial told of youngster's trip to the park
Stephen Exley Cambridge News
Last updated: 25/05/2010 08:10
A mormon missionary took a five-year-old boy out of services to sexually abuse him in a park, a court heard.

Former postman John Conway denies six charges of assault on a boy under 14 between April 1979 and May 1986.

His identical twin brother Martyn has admitted six charges of sexual assault on the boy, who is now aged 37.

John Conway, 50, is on trial at Cambridge Crown Court.

The brothers befriended the boy at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Cherry Hinton where many of the alleged assaults took place, the jury was told.

The victim’s sister told the court John Conway would take her brother out of services when he got “bored” for trips to nearby Cherry Hinton Hall – but would often refuse to take her as well, leaving her feeling “left out”.

She said John Conway, who lives in Utah, was friendly and he and her brother got on “very well”.

When asked afterwards what he had been doing with the missionary, she told the court her brother would reply: “None of your business.”

She added: “He wouldn’t talk about it.”

She told the court: “John didn’t want me to go, but (my brother) would say that he wanted me to come as well.”
Mark Shelley defending, asked her: “You’re implying that something bad went on?”

She replied: “I’m assuming so.”

The court heard a statement from a former girlfriend of the victim, who once told her a man they had seen in a fish and chip shop in Cambridge had “interfered” with him.

James Perry, a regular worshipper at the Mormon church, said the Conway brothers were heavily involved with children’s activities there.

He said: “John and Martin were liked by the youths and they often spent a lot of time with the young ones.

“It was not treated as unusual to see them with young boys, it was not treated as suspicious in any way.”

Previously, the jury was told by the victim he had at first been “rewarded” with sweets for taking part in sex acts – and the brothers drew up a price list for the abuse, starting at £5 for kissing.

The case continues.

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