Friday, June 25, 2010

Clergy sex victims blast head of Belgium church abuse panel

Clergy sex victims blast head of Belgium church abuse panel

Statement by Peter Isely, Midwest Director of SNAP, 414 429 7259

Shame on Peter Adriaenssens, the head of a Belgian Catholic sex abuse panel, for criticizing today's raid by law enforcement on the Brussels church headquarters. It’s way too premature for anyone to even begin second-guessing police for their actions in trying to undercover child molesting clerics and complicit bishops.

Adrienssens should be praising and helping secular authorities who are finally taking action to safeguard vulnerable youngsters.

The AP reports that Adrienssens claims “there was no need to seize the documents of all 500 cases being looked into” by his committee. But Adrienssens is a psychiatrist, not a cop. He has no basis for this claim. It's the job of police to err on the side of gathering more evidence, not less.

Now is the time to protect kids, help police, and stay open-minded, not undermine the independent professionals in law enforcement who have the expertise, objectivity and resources to make a huge difference in this decades-old but still on-going cover up of horrific clergy sex crimes.

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