Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Donohue's Comments are Surprising and Deplorable

June 29, 2010
Donohue's Comments are Surprising and Deplorable
by David Fortwengler Anti-Catholic League

Bellicose Bill Donohue contentiously commented yesterday about Belgian authorities search at Catholic offices for evidence in an ongoing investigation into the sexual abuse of Belgian citizens. Bill’s organization, the Catholic League, purports to defend the civil and religious rights of Catholics, yet is obsessed with maligning the civil rights of non-Catholic society. As always, the truth is never a factor in his combative criticisms.

In yesterday’s statement the pugnacious pundit claims the Belgian police;

“took a page from the Gestapo playbook and executed it to the tee”

that they were “goose-stepping through church files”

tried “to get any thing they could to indict the Belgian Church”

that the Belgians had an “agenda.”

The offensive efforts of church apologists like Bill to equate their embarrassment and shame at being legally investigated for crimes to the suffering and persecution Jews endured under Hitler is repulsive. Besides, who was a member of the Hitler Youth, the leader of the Belgian police or the leader of the Catholic Church?

The Catholic League is correct in saying the police had an agenda, it was to further their investigation into sex crimes against Belgian children and complicity by church officials. They were not looking for anything to indict the church. They were not looking for evidence to disprove transubstantiation. They were searching for documents and evidence that the church had no intention of providing to the police.

Bill’s evidence of this secular conspiracy is simply, “Belgian bishops created a committee to investigate claims of priestly sexual abuse, but this mattered not a whit to the Belgian government.” I guess he is also upset the Securities and Exchange Commission didn’t allow Bernie Madoff to do a self-audit and issue a report instead of throwing his butt in jail.

Consistent with Bill’s anti-truth agenda and obsession with “The View” he attacked the comments of who he calls “regular Catholic-basher” Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. Joy said, “If you’re [the Church] not going to be forthcoming with the info, then the cops are going to come in and get it.” Whoopi said, the Church “can’t be surprised that they’re [the cops] going to come in” if they are stonewalled. Sounds reasonable to me. Pope Benedict decried the police raid as “surprising and deplorable”, what is truly surprising and deplorable are the incessant ravings of Bill Donohue.

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