Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Name and shame abusive priests

Name and shame abusive priests

The Standard, Nairobi
Updated 14 hr(s) 53 min(s) ago
Reports in the media of how a Standard Seven pupil was allegedly lured and raped by a Catholic priest in Nyamira are shocking.
It is shameful that a man of God, who has sworn to celibacy, can orchestrate such a beastly act and take advantage of a poor family.

What still remains a mystery is why Church officials in Kisii would hurriedly transfer the priest and promise an investigation that never was.

Through the years, the Church has been seen as a safe haven for widows and orphans. However, incidents like this raise doubts on just how true that assumption is.

The trust and confidence the public has long had in the Church is waning fast and it is time guilty priests were named and shamed.

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