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Suspended sentence for boys' molester

Suspended sentence for boys' molester
Kashiefa Ajam
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Pastor Johan Meiring was handed a wholly suspended sentence for molesting two teenage boys this week. It probably didn't help his case that his church in the little Free State town of Wepener is called Touch Me Lord Ministries.

Meiring, 32, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault after he admitted to inappropriately touching the private parts of the boys, aged 18 and 16, on two separate occasions, while they were asleep.

He said in his plea explanation that both crimes - in 2008 and 2009 - had been committed at his house after parties. He added that alcohol had been involved both times.

Meiring testified that he was the victim of family violence and that this had caused him to abuse the boys. But he expressed remorse for what had happened.

According to prosecutor Johann Loubser, the pastor had been in a trusting relationship with the boys at the time of the incidents and that he had taken advantage of that trust.

Meiring is currently the local representative of Trans World Evangelism, Inc, which operates Miracle Valley Bible Colleges around the world.

Magistrate R Matthews, of the Wepener Regional Court, sentenced the pastor to 60 months imprisonment, suspended for five years', and warned him that if he was ever found guilty of sexual assault again, he would be sent to jail.

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