Saturday, July 31, 2010

Clergy still managing to miss the point.

Clergy still managing to miss the point.
By nozzferrahhtoo | Published: July 30, 2010 Atheist Ireland
The country’s men in dresses both North and South of the Border have continued to miss the point of the Nation’s and the World’s outrage over Child Sex Rape and Pederasty scandals in the Church in recent years.

Addressing parishioners and fellow clergy in Kilaloe today Bishop Willie assured his listeners that no abuse has occurred in his diocese for the last 20 years.

They still think it is just about the abuse don’t they? They still really do not get it.

No Willie, it is not just about the abuse, it is about the systematic cover ups that followed them to. The transfer of the perpetrators, the burying of documents, the use of intimidation and fear to silence the victims and more.

Does Willie want to stand before the nation and tell us none of THAT has been going on in his or any diocese in the last 20 years? In the last 5 even?

This week Donal McKeown came out at Knock to tell people that drunk adults are probably abusing drunk kids. He alas does not cite a single statistic for this but bases it entirely on the fact that…. adults get drunk…. kids get drunk…. and kids can not control themselves while drunk…. so adults MUST be abusing them.

“The actions of intoxicated adults and some young people’s own inability to have control of themselves would imply that many children are being physically, emotionally and sexually abused across this country on a daily basis — and especially at weekends,”

Trust a catholic Bishop to think that if a child is vulnerable, then SOMEONE has got to be abusing it. That is, after all, what vulnerable children are for right “Father”?

The icing on this particular cake comes when he adds:

“That is a national disgrace and we seem unable to acknowledge it”

Yes “Father” because acknowledging child abuse is something your career background and experience to date is known to illicit in your ilk huh? Maybe you should explain this one to Willie.