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Pedophile Priest Lives by Park, Schools, and Church Even After 2008 Settlements Plus Current Vatican Lawsuit for His Crimes

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Pedophile Priest Lives by Park, Schools, and Church Even After 2008 Settlements Plus Current Vatican Lawsuit for His Crimes
Google Satellite Map of 3700 Sutter Street, Stockton CA, where activist found Titian Miani, pedophile priest with numerous credible charges, living with easy access to children.

The old man actually cried. He said, "My grand kids have been playing with him."

When pedophile priests are removed from ministry for their crimes, they can end up living in any community, usually with no monitoring, even though they are credibly accused sex offenders, as the AP reported earlier this week followed by yesterday's story at Politics Daily When civil lawsuits settle without going to trial, sex crimes of the priests remain "alleged." As a result there could be thousands of pedophile priests, who have or have not been removed from ministry for child sex crimes, now living anywhere in the United States, with free and easy access to children.

A lawsuit filed including the Vatican as a defendant June 30th in Norwalk, California, concerns Father Titian Miani, who was the subject of several cases that were part of the 2007-2008 settlements against the L.A. Archdiocese, and his religious order, The Salesians. Miani has accusations of serial child rape from Italy, Brazil, Canada, and California.

After hearing about the new lawsuit June 30th that goes all the way to the Vatican, activist Joey Piscitelli of Martinez tracked down the priest and was alarmed to find that Miani's current apartment in Stockton, CA, is between St. Luke's Church, where Miani is apparently still serving as a priest, and a park with a skating area for children. The Stockton Diocese as recently as June 30th still listed Miani as a "Priest (Retired)" although his name has since been removed. (See Anderson Advocates site link below.)

We talked to Joey by Phone yesterday, here is what he had to say in his own words, taken down verbatim as he reported:


They have Miani stationed at St. Luke's Church, and there's a grammar school on either side of where he lives.

When I went there, he wasn’t in his apartment, the landlady said he was at the park.

I looked and a school is just a couple blocks away and there's a park across the street.

Titian Miani is the poster boy for international child rape and here he wasn’t in his room, the woman says on a recent weekday afternoon, she says, "I think he’s at the park next door."

His address is 3700 Sutter St. Apartment 1 Stockton, (the apartment building across street from Oak Park).

Local TV news from Channel 3 came out to cover the story of us leafletting Miani's neighborhood, but they never ran a story.

There's one park on each side of his building and a grammar school two blocks away.

The church has the audacity to put him there.

I'm going back again with fifteen hundred fliers.

I gave fliers to some of the other tenants in his building. It’s a retirement home, there were some older men on the porch playing checkers.

I told them about Titian Miani in Apartment 101 and one man said, "I have the apartment next door, my grand kids are around all the time, what are you saying?"

I said, look this guy is a serial child rapist.

The old man actually cried. He said, "My grand kids have been playing with him."

Then the woman, I think she was the landlady, came out and took the flier out of his hands. She was working there at the apartments and I think she got on the phone, made a call, then came out and took fliers out of the hands of the tenants.

3700 Sutter Street in Stockton is a square building built in the thirties or forties. Everyone living there is over age 55, not priests, regular people.

Titian Miani is still a priest

I told them he’s listed as a priest retired not defrocked.

I said just look up Jim Miani on the internet, on bishop accountability.

Why wasn’t he convicted, the neighbors asked, and I said, the statute of limitations.

He’s living between two parks and across from a grammar school.

Laicizing priests just turns them loose on the community where they are unmonitored, because even when parties reach multi-million dollar settlements concerning Catholic priest sex crimes, there is no legally proven guilt, so the priests do not go on sex offender registries.

This battle is not anywhere near over.

Check out info on the current lawsuit from Norwalk concerning Titian Miani at Anderson Advocates Website:
Lawsuit claims church protected abusive Salesian priest with transfers to 3 continents
A California man who alleges he was abused in the 1960s by a priest who belonged to the Salesian order of the Roman Catholic church filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the order and the Vatican, claiming officials covered for the cleric by shuffling him between three continents over three decades.

6/30/10 Press Conference Announcing Lawsuit Naming Vatican and Salesian Defendants Involving Sexual Abuse by Fr. Jim “Titian” Miani.

Video of Press conference held 6/30/10 in California

Press Release - California man first to sue Vatican after U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Foreign Sovereign Immunity case against Holy See
Miani Timeline
Miani locations Map
Miani Picture
Miani listed as a priest in 2010
Miani Complaint

Here is some of our previous coverage of Titian Miani in 2008 at City of Angels: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Salesians admit today Fr. Titian Miani DID molest plaintiffs, ending global cases in LA re pedophile priests from 2003 SOL window. More to come

AND Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miani came out covering his face, the boy was pulling up his pants, witness from Canada tells what he would have testified in Salesian trial

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