Thursday, July 8, 2010

Priest Picks Up Minor Via Chat, Then Abuses Her

Priest Picks Up Minor Via Chat, Then Abuses Her
La Reppublica

He was found driving on the highway with a high school student. For the time being he is still free but he has been indicted for sexual violence against a minor. According to investigators he was able to approach the fifteen-year-old girl by pretending to be a professor.

A priest was arrested in a car parked on the highway ring around Naples while sexually abusing a fifteen-year-old high school girl he picked up through a chatline. The girl didn't know he was a priest: for the time being the only information about him are initials (M.D.M) and the name of the town near Naples where he lives (San Giorgio a Cremano). He was let free but he will have to answer for the crime of sexual violence against a minor.

A priest suit was found in his car. The girl told the police that the priest, age under 40, had said he was a professor and courted her for months. He became a kind of mentor for the girl, whose parents were separated. She had difficulty in communicating with boys and girls her own age. The priest was arrested and identified at the police station in the Cinthia street.

"I thought he was a friend", the minor said to the social worker after the accusation and before she was returned to her mother. " I didn't imagine he was a priest." Meanwhile the investigations are going on and the man's home was searched. 

There was incredulity among the faithful at San Giorgio a Cremano. "We are very surprised. Are you sure he is the real offender? I can't believe it," a faithful says. "I'm very surprised and it's difficult to make a comment when you know him... I know he recently organized a meeting in the parish," says a man who knew him, "We are now in an age of priest hunting." " I know him and his activity in favor of youth and in the city's parishes and I don't want him to be hunted down as a pest," said another resident of San Giorgio.

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