Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why give Pope immunity from arrest in UK?
Why give Pope immunity from arrest in UK?
Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I want to let your readers know how shocked I am by the story of how the Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, has proposed changing the law so that no one can try to detain the Pope while he is in the UK (News, July 23).

This is an insult to all of us victims of child-abuse at the hands of this evil Church.

Does the Rt Hon Ken Clarke even for one moment realise what we victims have gone through? For me, it is like being abused all over again.

The British Government is spending millions of pounds on protecting him when he is in the United Kingdom and yet that same Government would not spend one penny to help us victims get help and treatment for what we went though at the hands of so many evil men.

I've been campaigning for years for a helpline for us victims to call to tell our stories, but our Government has no money to fund it.

I have yet to hear any member of our Government kicking up a fuss about what Ken Clarke is trying to do.

Why is this?

Don't they care about us — the forgotten victims of cruel clerical abuse in Northern Ireland? They are talking about launching an inquiry into clerical child-abuse, but we — the victims — know that's what it will come to: just talk and little else to help the injured parties.

When are the victims going to get the justice they deserve?

JOE (abuse victim)

Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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