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Training video
Tulsa diocese works to prevent abuse

Facilitator Carol Robinson leads the discussion last week at the Church of the Madalene during a training program on child abuse that is required of all clergy, teachers, volunteers and staff in the Catholic Diocese of Tulsa. JAMES GIBBARD / Tulsa World
By BILL SHERMAN World Religion Writer
Published: 10/17/2010 2:19 AM
Last Modified: 10/17/2010 4:44 AM

Sylvia Villaneuva was clearly disturbed last week as she and 15 other Catholics watched a training video in which sexual predators explained how they methodically groomed their victims, sometimes for months, before molesting them.

And victims described the devastating effect of abuse on their lives.

"I was disgusted," she said at a training session at Church of the Madalene in Tulsa.

"It makes me terrified to send my child anywhere."

Villaneuva is one of nearly 12,000 people in Diocese of Tulsa who have taken training instituted to protect children in the wake of the clergy abuse scandal that hit the Catholic Church in early 2002.

The training is required of everyone who has contact with children in the diocese, from priests to janitors to grandmothers who want to read stories to their grandchildren's classes once a month.

Villaneuva took the class so she could volunteer at her child's church school in Bartlesville.

The training programs are one arm of a multipronged strategy set forth in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, developed by a U.S. Catholic bishops meeting in 2002 in Dallas. Nearly every diocese in the nation has adopted the charter.

In addition to extensive training programs for children and the adults who work with them, the charter calls for the creation of review boards to investigate allegations of abuse, pastoral care for victims of abuse, transparency in dealing with the public, full reporting to and cooperation with civil authorities and background checks for everyone who works with children.

Dioceses are audited each year to measure compliance with the charter.

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