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Coach guilty

Former coach is found guilty of 9 sex charges
After several hours of deliberations, a former Riverside Christian teacher and coach is found guilty of 9 out of 13 sex charges.
Posted: 5:06 AM Nov 12, 2010
Reporter: Samantha Saracino
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Former coach is found guilty of 9 sex charges-Samantha Saracino Reports

Story 1 Comments Font Size: A former baseball coach could spend the rest of his life in prison.

A jury in Breathitt County convicted 68-year-old Dennis Jackson early Friday morning on multiple sex abuse charges involving young boys.

The case lasted a little more than three days and he was found guilty of 9 out of the 13 charges.

Jackson once coached the baseball team at Riverside Christian School.

He resigned just days before the sex abuse charges were announced.

Jackson was found guilty on several charges including 4 counts of first degree sexual abuse, 1 count of first degree sodomy, 1 count of third degree sexual abuse, 2 counts of 2nd degree criminal attempt to commit sexual abuse and 1 count of second degree criminal attempt to commit sodomy.

It took the jury almost 6 hours to come up with a verdict.

"They had a lot of counts. A lot of evidence they had to weigh through. They took their time and they looked at each count individually." Says Breathitt County Commonwealth Attorney Darrell Herald.

Herald says this particular case is different than any other he's ever seen.

"This is one of the first ones that we've had with this many victims so just because of that raw number, it makes it one of the worst cases we've had. The typical case is a single victim." Says Herald.

He says any case involving children is hard to handle.

"The emotions involved with those children. the difficulty they have coming into the court room. Laying bare their soul about intimate things. thing they're not used to talking about in public." Says Herald.

The jury recommended life in prison, plus 20 years, for Jackson as he quietly said his goodbyes to his loves ones from across the room.

The tentative date for sentencing is December 22nd.

Original story:
After several hours of deliberations, a former Riverside Christian teacher and coach is found guilty of 9 out of 13 sex charges.

Dennis Jackson faced more than a dozen sex related charges including sodomy, sex abuse, and indecent exposure.

Dennis Jackson was indicted in May, arrested and charged with 14 counts of sexual abuse. He now only faces 13.

Some of the charges include sexual abuse, sodomy and indecent exposure.

All of the charges involve minors.

Some of them involve a child under the age of 12.

The trial started Tuesday and a jury was chosen.

The victims family members and other witnesses testified on Wednesday.

Jackson, one other witness and a detective testified.

Final arguments were given and the jury started deliberating at around 5:15 .

The jury found him guilty.

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