Friday, November 12, 2010

Residence exec charged
St. John’s Exec Charged With Sexual Abuse
By Nicholas Briano
St. John’s Residence for Boys’ longtime executive director, Brother Tom Trager, has been arraigned on charges that he sexually abused a 16-year-old resident on several occasions since late last summer, according to court documents.

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Toos_pooky said...

I've met this guy over 4 years ago and he Is one of the few people on this planet that prove me wrong when I say people are evil. He is the nicest man I know and he does nothing but help those around him. He's been doing that almost his entire life. This man is incapable of such an act. Being a former St. Johns resident myself for almost 4 years, I know the type of kids that go in and out of that place. Believe me, it's much more likely that they lied for giggles than him actually doing this. I've never met anybody that even acted negative towards this guy, and I saw him almost everyday for 4 years. Also rumors in that place spread fast, lightning fast. whether they are true or not. If you even went down to his apartment for any reason, when you came back you we're the butt of a sexual joke. I started hating the younger kids there because of the things they did for attention. Trust me one this one account, this is an innocent man.

P.S. this has nothing to do with him being religious, I've been an Atheist for 8yrs.