Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The DC Declaration: A Call To Moral Resposibility
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I am Dr. Paula S. Brooks, Publisher of
In a recent interview with Fox News Sunday, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of the District of Columbia, told Chris Wallace that the church had moved decisively in the Catholic Child Sexual Abuse Scandal…

I will agree with him … the church has indeed acted decisively… not to protect children, but to limit the financial damage to the Church and to get the faithful move on to some other topic… before every moral parishioner flees, taking their checkbooks with them…

In the decades-long cover-up of these despicable crimes and to maintain the secrecy surrounding the Church’s responsibility and complicity in the sexual abuse of thousands of Catholic children… Dioceses in Delaware, Portland, Tucson, and Spokane have filed bankruptcy to get the victims to simply go away and the Churches lawyers have tried every legal trick in their very large books to see that the Church will not be held responsible for these crimes.

Cardinal Wuerl and the Church leadership would now simply use the wedge issue of same-sex marriage to focus the attention of the faithful elsewhere.

Indeed, the leadership of the Catholic Church is bankrupt, spiritually and morally.They have caused great harm to both children and families and have surrendered their standing in the conversation of what is moral and what is not…

Additionally anyone who would act as an apologist for such con artists, likewise are equally spiritually and morally deficient and therefore, as well, have no legitimate place in the conversation of what is moral and what is not.

I am a Catholic mother of 2 children… and as such, it is my moral responsibility to hold the Catholic Hierarchy accountable and not allow others to defend the monstrosities that the Catholic Church Leadership is perpetuating by granting them any forum to the claim of moral standing.

Therefore as a responsible mother I will have no commerce or conversation with those who have harmed children and families or those that would assist them in that endeavor…. And my site will not be used to aid or further the aims of the current leadership of the Catholic Church or their enablers and protectors in any manner.

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