Sunday, December 19, 2010

They won't change
'Chapter 19' release sees same pain, and same excuses
The attitude of the church to clerical child abuse has not changed and it never will, says a furious Emer O Kelly

It will never change. They have not changed, and will never change. The "missing" chapter of the report on how the Dublin Catholic Archdiocese enquired into child abuse by priests makes heartbreaking reading -- the same, terrible, familiar heartbreak, the same helpless sense of being unable to offer comfort to those whose pain is weary and repetitive as they live their broken lives.

The victims of those men in black who lived and smirked as they destroyed -- all the while being protected by the other men in black supposedly dedicated to eternal truth and love -- must go on weeping while excuses are made for the men who preyed on those victims.

The predators are exemplified by the name Tony Walsh, a former "singing priest" and the chilling subject of Chapter 19 of Judge Yvonne Murphy's report, a chapter held sub judice until now because the State did not wish to prejudice its case for having the creature called Tony Walsh taken off the streets.

On December 6, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison for almost incomprehensible crimes against, according to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, probably hundreds of children in Ballyfermot in Dublin and elsewhere. The sample charges included repeated buggery of one boy, and other crimes of predatory torment too sickening for us even to comprehend as we watch the wide-eyed wonder of a new generation of innocent children sparkling with joy and expectation in the run-up to Christmas.

I have a friend, now in his 80s, a beautiful and gentle human being, and a man of incredibly deep faith. His wife told me recently that he now lives with a broken heart because his trust in the church he revered and whose tenets he has always followed faithfully has abandoned all decency in its treatment of helpless children. He is only one of thousands, I imagine.

But there are others who say -- and they were out in considerable force when the contents of Chapter 19 of the Murphy Report hit the streets during the week -- why can't the media forget, move on, write about all the good priests and the good they are doing?

These cold, insensitive, hypocritical people are legion; they are the ones who supported a system which encouraged priests and bishops to cover up the vilely criminal and inhuman sodomies carried out on little children.

They drove their children back to churches and schoolrooms, and into sacristies when the children were vomiting in fear at having to face the slavering perverts waiting for them.

They didn't listen; they don't want to listen now. They have been well trained by the church to believe that "any small" harm it does must be set against the "vast majority" of its good works.

There is not, and cannot be, any good work done by an organisation which can de-sensitise the soul of even one person to destructive inhumanity.

The de-sensitisation is so thorough and so pervasive that Irish parents in their thousands still profess themselves happy for the people who were, and are, part of this vast conspiracy of immorality and indifference to have control of the education of their children, as they have control of the hearts and minds of the vast majority of our supposedly independent legislators.

There is no appetite to take this terrible organisation out of the education system, entirely and permanently; it has done its work too well -- the logic of breaking free is not even considered.

And the head of that organisation which condemned children to destruction and which protected their destroyers has the sickening impertinence to say that "DESTROYING LIFE CAN NEVER BE JUSTIFIED."

His name is Sean Brady, he wears a red hat; he was deeply involved in covering up the crimes against the broken bodies and hearts of children. Yet, he was daring to give a legal opinion on the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights, claiming that the ruling was not binding on the Irish Government concerning the introduction of legislation allowing for abortion in certain circumstances.

I wonder how many of the thousands of victims of the brotherhood of priestly child molesters may wish as they trudge through their destroyed lives that their mothers had terminated the pregnancy which gave them birth?

Have these monstrous, smug, arrogant men thought of that?

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