Tuesday, January 25, 2011

List of abusers

In posting list, victims’ lawyer acts while church balks
January 25, 2011
WE SAY amen to lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, an advocate for victims of child sexual abuse, for releasing more than 100 names of people in the church who have been accused of abuse (“Victims’ lawyer posts names of priests accused of abuse,’’ Page A1, Jan. 20). Massachusetts Citizens for Children has been calling for this action since Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley announced in March 2009 his plans to make these names public. To do so would likely prevent future sexual abuse against children, support the healing of victims, and hold accountable those who have committed these sexual crimes.

The Boston Archdiocese’s excuse for this 22-month delay — that officials must “continue to evaluate the complexities of this initiative’’ — is simply obfuscation. They would be advised to check in with the other two dozen archdioceses across the country that overcame these complexities to release their own lists.

The term “transparency’’ has been repeatedly used by church officials to describe their commitment to ending the secrecy that for so long allowed priests to abuse children with impunity. However, the significant discovery (“Vatican reportedly told bishops in Ireland not to report abuse,’’ Page A7, Jan. 19) of a 1997 Vatican letter widely understood as ordering Irish bishops not to report suspected child molesters to civil authorities gives new meaning to the word. Paired with the Boston Archdiocese’s foot-dragging on the release of these names, what is transparent is the church’s ongoing lack of truthfulness and morally right conduct.

Jetta Bernier, Executive director, Massachusetts Citizens for Children, Boston


Paul said...

Shanera Gomez, aka Shanera Keitt or Panda Su, is a Christian who is the worst type of abuser. She abused her own FOUR children. Child Protective Services thankfully removed those kids before Shanera could cause more pain and trauma. The Courts also recognized that Shanera is a threat to those that cannot protect themselves and order her sterilized. This is to prevent Shanera from doing that again. This happened in Hollister, Ca. She has since moved to San Diego, where her past is not known. Shanera is a multiple convicted criminal with ties to a brutal local street gang and a identity thief. She has a warrant for her arrest out of Georgia. There is a investigation into Shanera and felony grand larceny. Ms. Keitt has long fake black Indie hair, which she hardly ever washes. She coats her face with a mega ton of makeup, to hide her severe acne and pockmarks as well as her futile attempt to appear pretty. There is a lot of loose skin around her stomach area and a overwhelming strong feminine odor issue. Shanera is trying to gain employment in the financial industry, where she can use her connections. So beware as criminals hardly ever change, especially child abusers. I guess the courts know that.

Paul said...

Shanera's mugshot is on georgia-mugshot-gallery.com.

Paul said...

Shanera has another mugshot at mugshot-media,com. Notice how she looks without the ton of makeup she wears. Yes, that is her(ouch). I have had some inquiries about the type of abuse her children went through. No abuse is good, but Shanera was involved in sexually abusing those kids. That is the worst type of crime against defenseless children. What a scum, a predator. She is still claiming to work at TJ Maxx, Chula Vista. Shanera has connections to identity thieves. Her motivation to use her connections, is great. Shanera has very, very, bad credit, as most criminals do. Beware if you live in Chula Vista (Shanera lives there). She is trying to assimilate in the Asian community, where she is not known. Shanera has been with a whole bunch of men. She has STD's. Shanera likes all men, all races as long as they take care of her. If she is invited over, check her bags when she leaves. She is a thief and will steal from anyone, anyplace. Shanera will not go back to the South US because she is a wanted criminal. She is here because California laws are to lenient and she can get away with a lot more here. We, as Californians, do not need more crime and criminals. Stay vigilant and be aware of those around us, especially convicts like Shanera.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Paul said...
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Paul said...

Shanera Gomez or Shanera Keitt, whatever name she uses, was told that that she is not the type of person whom I would marry. She took it hard, but it is the truth. She is a liar, who is using the excuse of "dumping" as her reason for why the truth is being told. It has nothing to do with that, but instead the lack of character and integrity of the individual.