Monday, January 24, 2011

Prayer Vigil
YAKIMA, Wash- A group of victim's right's activists gathered outside the Yakima Diocese this morning. Members of the Survivors Network of People Abused by Priests and Voice of the Faithful held a prayer vigil for the victims of sex abuse in the Catholic Church. The group says their mission is two fold: to let victims of sexual abuse by the church know they are not alone and to push the church toward reform.

"What we want to see is the institutional church to move away from secrecy, and start to more aggressively let people know who these problem priests are. Because here in Yakima they are hiding priests", says John Shuster of SNAP.

Here's part of a statement the Diocese of Yakima gave KNDO:

"The Diocese of Yakima has detailed policies for dealing with allegations of sexual abuse of minors, and sexual misconduct with vulnerable adults, and we follow those policies. We welcome reporting of allegations of abuse and misconduct, and we investigate such reports thoroughly, and take appropriate action, in consultation with our Diocesan Lay Advisory Board, the Bishop's chief adviser on matters of child abuse. We also welcome the reporting of allegations to the civil authorities, and will cooperate fully with any investigations that result. We invite victims of abuse by diocesan clergy, employees and volunteers to report the matter through our confidential hotline, 888-276-4490."

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