Thursday, January 20, 2011

Diocese offers settlements to six victims of sexual abuse committed by priests
Topics : Yarmouth , Halifax , Ontario The law firm representing victims of sexual abuse that was carried out by Catholic priests when the victims were children or in the teens says they have settled six of these cases with the Diocese of Yarmouth.

“We had a successful round of mediations last weekend in Halifax,” says Aaron Lealess who is with the Ontario law firm Ledriot Beckett. “Archbishop (Anthony) Mancini attended all weekend to hear from the victims. It was a positive experience. Many of the cases were settled.”

The diocese has agreed to pay around $1.5 million, to be divided among the six victims.

Four of these people were victims of sexual abuse committed by Father Adolphe LeBlanc, who died in 1971. The abuse occurred in the 1950s and 1960s in various parishes when the men were young boys or in their teens and served as altar boys.

Two other women, whose cases were settled, were victims of abuse by Father Eddie Theriault. The abuse occurred in the 1960s and started when the women, who are sisters, were three and eight years old.

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