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Catholic mission sex scandal
Sex Scandal Rocks Catholic Mission….Reverend Father Exposes Reverend Father In Court
Posted by PAT KAWA AND FAYIA AMARA on Feb 23, 2011, 19:21

The Bo Magistrate Court presided over by Mr. Mohammed Momoh Jah Stevens became a scene of attraction last Tuesday 22nd February 2011. It was jam packed with all colours of spectators including journalists and lawyers when the suspended Catholic Priest Samuel Von Tucker formerly of the St. Mary’s Parish, Kailahun District dragged Major Superintendent Rev. Fr. Augustine Berewa to court for allegedly publishing false and defamatory materials against him on the internet.

The Head of the Holy Ghost Order of the Catholic Church, Sierra Leone Chapter, Rev. Fr. Augustine Berewa appeared on a six- count- indictment including defamatory libel was sued by the suspended Rev. Fr. Samuel Von Tucker Parish and three others, following a suspension order.

In the letter of suspension written by the Head of the Holy Ghost Order of the Catholic Mission in Sierra Leone, Rev. Fr. Augustine Berewa he had accused Rev. Fr. Tucker of behaving contrary to the Catholic doctrine by allegedly committing the offence of pedophilia, misappropriation of funds meant for construction of water wells, disobedience and the purchase of a Benz car, which Rev. Fr. Tucker has been laying claims on as the property of his brother in-law, James Pessima who had earlier on sued Fr.Berewa to court for libel.

The matter was filed at the Magistrate Court by Lawyer Samuel Taylor on behalf of his client, who is Complainant Rev. Fr. Samuel von Tucker. The allegation left many members of the Catholic Mission and observers in a state of surprise and disbelief.

The particulars of offence state that Rev. Fr. Augustine Berewa allegedly published false defamatory materials against the Complainant claiming that he Rev. Fr. Tucker had, had sexual intercourse with a number of girls including Massa Kamara, Juliet, and Hassanatu who are minors at his residence in Pendembu, Kailahun District.

The indictment further alleges that Rev. Fr. Berewa maliciously published false defamatory materials against the Complainant that he had fraudulently converted the sum of Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Euros (Euros 9,700) entrusted to him for the construction of toilets in Jaahun village near Pendembu, which the Complainant allegedly converted to purchase a Mercedes Benz car with registration number ADK 224 that he claimed belongs to his brother- in- law.

The Rev. Fr. Augustine Berewa is represented by Lawyer Abdulai Bangura, associated by the former Vice President who was also former Attorney General and Presidential Candidate of the SLPP, Mr. Solomon Ekuma Berewa.In court, defence lawyers submitted an application for the matter not to be heard because of the absence of the other party.

However, after some legal arguments between the defence and prosecution, the Presiding Magistrate ruled that the matter to be heard. First to be cross-examined was the suspended Priest who explained that the suspension letter published on the internet and read in all the Catholic Churches was an attack on his personality and has therefore defamed his person. He told the court that after publication he received several telephone calls from his colleague priests in America, Nigeria, Ghana and other places who expressed concern over the issue.

When asked by his lawyer whether he had sex with the minors or recalled touching any sensitive parts on their bodies indecently, Rev. Fr. Tucker replied in the negative and further disclosed that the money entrusted to him for the construction of the toilets was used for the purpose. Defense lawyer Abdulai Bangura asked him whether he was aware that the letter was sent to Rome, the witness replied in the affirmative.

The defence team in response told the court that Rev. Fr. Berewa should be hailed and not hated by his colleague priests for bringing sanity into the priesthood and for being developmentally oriented. “His no nonsense action and stance against ungodly practices should be respected” They said

The Complainant, Rev. Fr. Tucker and three others were represented by Lawyer Samuel Taylor. The matter was adjourned to 1st March 2011

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Unknown said...

Hello Sir/Madam,
I am Briam Borbor, a member of the Roman Catholic Church and a Sierra Leonean National currently living in USA.
I am sad to know that the subject below is still on your webpage

Several years ago, this issue was resolved quietly outside court in a fraternal and Christian manner and both priests now live and work like any other priest.
I humbly ask you to remove it from the internet.
Thanks for your great service.
Brima Borbor (;