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Guilty priest's record
Rev. Romano J. Ferraro—Assignment Record

Summary of Case: Ferraro was arrested on 4/1/02 for repeatedly raping a boy 1973-80 in Billerica MA, starting when the boy was 7 years old. Ferraro was convicted on 5/7/04, when a jury found him guilty of child rape and guilty on three counts of indecent assault and battery against a child under 14. He was sentenced on 5/20/04 to life in prison. Ferraro was a childhood friend of the boy's father and molested the child during annual Christmas visits. The victim had come forward to authorities in late 2001, and it was possible to prosecute because the SOL clock, which precluded bringing charges six years or more after a crime is committed, had stopped with Ferraro out of state. Ferraro denied the charge but admitted at the trial that he was a pedophile predator who had abused perhaps dozens of boys. He also stated that he knew he was a pedophile by 1955, 5 years before his ordination. Earliest abuse alleged in civil suits was 1964-68 but previous assignments suggest earlier problems. Then he was in Key West FL as Navy chaplain 1968-71 in the Miami archdiocese; was dishonorably discharged; and was sued 1/06 for FL abuse. Reassigned, he allegedly abused in the Brooklyn, Rockville Centre, St. Louis, and Metuchen dioceses. A St. Louis man who alleged abuse by Ferraro committed suicide in 2006 after a long struggle with depression. Ferraro was suspended in 1988 after an allegation, but the Brooklyn diocese apparently knew much earlier (see discussion below).

See also selected Ferraro documents.

Ordained: 5/28/60
Incardinated: Brooklyn NY (1960-85); Metuchen NJ (1985-86); Brooklyn NY (1986-2007); also worked in the Miami archdiocese 1968-1969 with the Military Ordinariate, the Rockville Centre diocese 1975-1977 and 1986-1987, the St. Louis archdiocese (1981-1983), and the New York archdiocese (1983 and 1987-1988); treated in St. Louis archdiocese (1980-1981) and Washington archdiocese (1989); incarcerated in Boston archdiocese (2004-2011).

Rev. Romano J. Ferraro in the vestibule of St. Joseph's church in Kings Park in the Rockville Centre diocese on December 25, 1975 or 1974. His is posing with several children and a teenager dressed as Santa Claus. Photo donated by a former parishioner; cropped and redacted by Ferraro at his arraignment on April 8, 2002 in Cambridge MA on charges of child rape and abuse.

Start Stop Parish Town/Allegation State Position Notes

Brooklyn bishop was Bryan J. McEntegart (1957-68).

Rev. Anthony Bevilacqua was an Assistant Chancellor 1957-65; Vice Chancellor 1965-75); Chancellor 1975-83); Auxiliary Bishop (1980-83)
6/29/62 St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church
185 Suydam St.
(see satellite photo/map)

• Ferraro knew he was a pedophile in 1955, five years before he was ordained, according to his testimony in his 2004 criminal trial. See article.
NY 3/3. Priests were Msgr. Raphael J. Testagrossa, Rev. Joseph DeSimpliciis, and Ferraro. In 1961, Rev. Angelo F. Brugli replaced DeSimpliciis. Listed as a Brooklyn priest.

Parish school had 523 boys and 513 girls.

6/29/62 6/28/63 St. Rosalia's
63rd St. and 14th Ave.
(see satellite photo/map)
Borough Park NY 3/6. Priests were Msgr. Angelo R. Cioffi and Revs. Charles Mariani, Ferraro, Joseph Zeman, Vincent Attanasio, and Felix Miritello. Residence at 1230 65th St. Listed as a Brooklyn priest.

Parish school had 565 boys and 528 girls.

6/29/62 6/28/63 Regina Pacis Votive Shrine
65th Street and 12th Ave. Brooklyn NY Mission of St. Rosalia's.
6/28/63 6/26/64 St. Lucy’s (Italian)
Kent Ave. near Park Ave.
(see satellite photo/map) Brooklyn NY 3/3. Priests were Msgr. Dante Del Fiorentino and Revs. Angelo Moschella and Ferraro. Residence was at 802 Kent Ave., 11205. Listed as a Brooklyn priest.

6/26/64 6/4/68 Holy Family
Flatlands Ave. and Rockaway Pkwy.
(see satellite photo/map)


• Accused in 10/1/03 suit of sexually abusing an altar boy in this parish starting at age 8. Suit claims Ferraro abused altar boys in a local pool, where the abuse included oral sex, and on school trips to NJ and at the home of a friend. See article and excerpts from complaint.
NY 4/5. Priests were Msgr. Vincent O. Genova and Revs. Raphael A. Florido, Andrew R. Varano, Ferraro, and Walter A. Mitchell. Residence was at 9719 Flatlands Ave., 11236. Mitchell left in 1965.
Listed as a Brooklyn priest.

Parish school had 771 boys and 723 girls.

Brooklyn and the Military Ordinariate were in transition in 1968. Cardinal Spellman had died on 12/2/67, and Terence J. Cooke became archbishop of New York and Military Vicar on 4/4/68. In Brooklyn, McEntegart retired on 7/15/68 and Francis J. Mugavero was appointed bishop on 7/17/68. On 9/12/68 he was installed, and McEntegart died on 9/30/68. 12/17/70 Military Service
6/4/68 6/17/68 • Indoctrination Seminar
Chaplain Corps Reserve
U.S. Naval Air Station Norfolk VA Student See 7/3/68 letter to McEntegart.
7/7/68 7/9/70 • Active Duty
7/7/68 9/7/68 • U.S. Naval Chaplains School Newport RI Student
9/7/68 6/16/69 • U.S. Naval Air Station Key West

• Accused in 1/06 suit of sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy in 1968 or 1969, at gatherings of boys brought to Ferraro's house from Mass at Navy base chapel. See article.

• Dishonorably discharged from Navy in 1970 after allegation of sexually abuse. See article and 1/10/77 Bevilacqua memo.
FL Chaplain

See Ferraro's Easter 1969 letter about his training and time on Key West.
Listed as a Brooklyn priest. Indexed as an Army chaplain and listed in Brooklyn pages as a Navy and VA chaplain, but listed in AMS pages as an active duty Navy Reserve chaplain. Key West is in the Miami archdiocese.
6/24/69 7/9/70 • Mobile Support Unit
Detachment Bravo Subic Bay
pines Chaplain Ferraro's mailing address was San Francisco, but he was based at Subic Bay and was a "Circuit Rider" chaplain to ammunition and refrigerator ships and in Vietnam itself. See Ferraro's 1/19/70 letter.

Bishop was Francis J. Mugavero (1968-90), who had been McEntegart's secretary for charities.
5/1/73 St. Rose of Lima
(see satellite photo/map)
Far Rockaway

• Had to leave because of the sexual abuse of a boy. See 1/10/77 Bevilacqua memo.

NY 3/3. Priests were Revs. James F. McDonald, Francis J. McGee, and Ferraro. Residence was at 1-30 Beach 84th St. Rev. Karl M. Michel replaced McDonald as pastor in 1972. Listed as a Brooklyn priest.

Parish school had 304 boys and 307 girls.

5/1/73 10/1/73 Sick Leave
6/73? 7/6/73 Cathedral College Douglaston NY Student Took and Italian course which Mugavero paid for.
St. John's University Queens and Staten Island NY Grad student studying for a Master's degree in History

Bishop of Rockville Centre was Walter P. Kellenberg (1957-76). His Episcopal Vicar for Suffolk was Auxiliary Bishop John R. McGann.

As Ferraro began his last year at Kings Park, John R. McGann became bishop of Rockville Centre (1976-2000).

1/5/77 St. Joseph's
Old Dock Rd. and Church St.
(see satellite photo/map)

Kings Park

• Accused in 10/15/02 suit of sexually abusing 2 boys here 1974-78, starting at ages 10 and 11. Abuse included oral sex, sodomy, and attempted anal penetration of one boy. See article, which misidentifies the parish as St. Joseph's in Astoria (see map), aka Long Island City, in the Brooklyn diocese. In 2004 article, it was confirmed that Ferraro worked at St. Joseph's in Kings Park in the Rockville Centre diocese 1973-77.

• Convicted of repeatedly raping the son of a boyhood friend during Ferraro's Christmas visits to Billerica MA in 1973-80, starting when the boy was age 7. Convicted and sentenced to life in prison on 5/20/04. Ferraro admitted to perhaps dozens of victims but denied he molested the MA boy. See article.

• Accused of transporting a boy from this parish to Billerica MA and abusing him along with the boy whom Ferraro was convicted of raping. See article.

NY 4/4. Other priests were Revs. Francis P. McCormack, Edward J. Boyle, and John L. King. Ferraro is not listed in the Directory. Frederic C. Heiden replaced Boyle in 1974. Lee W. Freeman replaced Heiden in 1975. The 1977 Directory begins to list St. Joseph's School of Religion, with Bro. Franciscus Rowles OSF. Parish is in Rockville Centre diocese. Ferraro was listed as a Brooklyn priest on leave with no parish specified. But after Ferraro's 2004 conviction in MA, a pastor confirmed (see article) that Ferraro worked at St. Joseph's 1973-77. It was not mentioned that Ferraro had allegedly taken a boy from the parish and molested him in MA.

A 2002 news report quotes diocesan spokesman Frank DeRosa as stating that Ferraro was on leave 1973-83 and then returned as a working priest. See article.

3/15/77 7/1/78 St. Francis Xavier
Carroll St. and 6th Ave.
(see satellite photo/map)

Park Slope

• Abuse of MA victim continued while Ferraro was at this parish.
5/5. Priests were Revs. John J. Ansbro, Richard H. Reder, James R. Lara, Theodore Martin (Spain), and Ferraro (in residence). Residence was at 225 6th Ave., 11215. Listed as a Brooklyn priest.

Parish school had 503 students.

3/15/77 7/1/78 Madonna Residence for the Elderly Brooklyn NY 2/2. Assisting Rev. George Magee.
7/1/78 12/31/79 St. Aloysius
(see satellite photo/map) Queens

• Abuse of MA victim continued while Ferraro was at this parish.
5/5. Priests were Revs. George Schuster, Peter I. Vaccari, Anthony V. DiLorenzo, Maximo Ocampo (Philippines), Anthony Acciarito, and Ferraro (in residence). Residence was at 382 Onderdonk Ave., Ridgewood, 11237.
Listed as a Brooklyn priest.

Parish school had 515 students.

7/1/78 12/31/79 Wyckoff Heights Hospital Queens NY
1/1/80 6/30/80 Sick Leave
3/80 1/81 House of Affirmation
4 Joy Ave.
(see satellite photo/map)

Webster Groves
MO Patient, then out-patient. Listed in the 1980-84 Directory as a Brooklyn priest on sick leave in the Brooklyn diocese and released from diocesan assignment. But a letter by Bevilacqua and a letter by Ferraro show that Ferraro was in treatment at the House of Affirmation.


Archbishop of St. Louis was John L. May (1980-92).
6/83 St. Joan of Arc
5800 Oleatha Avenue
(see satellite photo/map)
St. Louis

• Accused in 1/19/04 suit of sexually abusing an altar boy here. See article.

• Accused in 5/11/04 suit of sexually abusing an altar boy at age 11 or 12. See article. This suit and previous one were settled 8/26/04 by archdiocese for $65.7K. See article.

• Accused in 3/13/06 wrongful death suit of sexually abusing a boy repeatedly at age 10 or 11. The victim, called John Doe GS in court documents, struggled with depression and shot himself 7/14/05. See complaint and article.
MO In residence while a chaplain at Jewish Hospital (see next entry). Other priests at parish were Msgr. James E. Pieper, Michael A. Freymuth, and Charles M. Donahue. Pieper was vice-officialis of the archdiocese. Freymuth has been accused of sexual abuse. In St. Louis archdiocese. Listed as a Brooklyn priest but not listed as working at St. Joan of Arc. Residence and assignment confirmed by the archdiocese of St. Louis. See article.

Frank De Rosa, spokesman of the Brooklyn diocese, stated in 1/04 that when the treatment center advised that Ferraro do "some kind of ministry," he was assigned to St. Joan of Arc while he continued outpatient treatment. See article. See also the letter by Bevilacqua. The letter by Ferraro shows that Ferraro's assignments in St. Louis were extended into 1983 at the request of Brooklyn bishop Mugavero.

1/19/81 6/83 Jewish Hospital
St. Louis MO In St. Louis archdicoese. Listed as a Brooklyn priest but not listed here.

1/19/81 6/83 Barnes Hospital St. Louis MO The letter by Bevilacqua mentions a second hospital assignment, not yet named in news reports.
1983 8/29/83 St. Francis Xavier Bronx NY In the New York archdiocese.

Listed as a Brooklyn priest on sick leave in the Brooklyn diocese and released from diocesan assignment.

8/29/83 Jacobi Hospital Bronx NY Chaplain
8/29/83 Einstein Hospital Bronx NY Chaplain
c12/3/83 c12/13/83 Good Samaritan Hospital West Islip NY Patient
8/29/83 Not assigned Brooklyn
NY It appears likely that Ferraro was living with family. The c/o address (partially redacted) on a 1/3/84 Brown letter appears to be the same as the address given here from a 7/7/84 Reardon note. This would put Ferraro in Holy Family parish in Canarsie.

Bishop of Metuchen was Theodore E. McCarrick (1981-86).
11/84 St. James
(see satellite photo/map)

• Accused of sexually abusing 2 brothers in NJ, probably from this parish or St. John Vianney, for which see next entry. See article.
NJ 4/4. Priests were Revs. Francis A. Crine, Francis Vaz, Douglas J. Haefner, and Ferraro. Residence was at 145 Grove St. 07095. Listed as a Brooklyn priest. St. James is in the Metuchen diocese.

Parish school had 290 students.

Note that Ferraro is not included in the parish listing. His assignment to St. James is listed only in the Brooklyn pages, in the section "Released from diocesan assignment."

11/84 6/85 Our Lady of Mount Virgin
(see satellite photo/map)
Middlesex NJ 3/3. Priests were Very Rev. William J. Haughney, Rev. Patrick S. Durkin, and Ferraro. Haughney was the officialis of the diocese, and presumably Ferraro's minder, just as Pieper was at St. Joan of Arc in St. Louis (see above). Residence in Middlesex was at 650 Harris Ave, 08846. Listed as a Brooklyn priest. Our Lady's is in the Metuchen diocese.

This assignment is not listed in the Directory. We know of it because Bishop Bootkoski wrote to this diocese about Ferraro on 5/28/04. See article.

Parish school had 200 students.


Metuchen was a vacant see when Ferraro was placed on leave. McCarrick had been installed as archbishop of Newark on 7/25/86, and his successor in Metuchen, Edward T. Hughes, was appointed 12/15/86 and installed 2/5/87.
12/10/86 St. John Vianney
(see satellite photo/map)

NJ 2/3. Priests were Revs. Francis J. Sergel, Ferraro, and Lawrence J. Cashioli. Residence was at 420 Inman Ave., 07067.

Sergel told parishioners on 12/14/86 that Ferraro had been "granted a temporary leave of absence for reasons that are both personal and parochial." Ferraro had been "victimized by our unconscionable press" after he told parish children on 12/6/86 that their parents were lying to them about Santa Claus. See article.
Listed as a Metuchen priest.

Parish school had 371 students.

12/10/86 3/14/87 Christ the King Commack NY 5/5. Priests were Revs. George J. Hein, Caetano F.X. Costo, George J. Michell, and Gregory Heinlein. Ferraro lived with his sister and said Masses at Christ the King. See Ferraro's 3/2/87 letter. In the Rockville Centre diocese.

Listed as a Brooklyn priest on sick leave. In 1987 Directory, also listed as released from diocesan assignment.

Ferraro is not listed at this parish in the Directory.

3/14/87 12/7/88 St. Rita's Staten Island NY 3/3. Priests were Revs. John F. Reardon and Michael P. Sepp. Ferraro said Masses, did weddings and funerals, said Mass for the nuns who ran the parish school, heard children's confessions, and lived in the rectory in the summer so Reardon and Sepp could take vacations. Ferraro also lived in the rectory briefly in March 1987. Otherwise, he lived in his uncle's house in the parish, according to Reardon; a diocesan memo places him as renting from Maria DePaul in Spring 1987. See Ferraro's 3/25/87 letter, Ferraro's 6/87 letter, Reardon's 1/25/88 letter, and Garcia's 12/7/88 memo. In the New York archdiocese.

Parish elementary school had 598 students in 1987-88.

Ferraro is not listed at this parish in the Directory.

1/9/89 <11/27/89 St. Luke Institute Suitland MD Patient In the Washington archdiocese.

Thomas V. Daily became bishop of Brooklyn (1990-2003).
2002 Parsons Manor Jamaica

• Ferraro was accused in 11/91 of sexually abusing a boy while wrestling with him in Summer 1991 at a relative's house. This allegation is not consistent with Ferraro's frequent statements in the 1990s that he had maintained sexual sobriety since 8/1/88. See 10/95 Ferraro letter on his use of the word sobriety and his 9/3/96 letter for the time period. Ferraro was suspended on 12/7/88 for abuse allegedly committed in 8/88, and was sent to St. Luke Institute on 1/9/89.

Ferraro was arrested here on 4/1/02 and arraigned on 4/7/02 for raping a boy in Billerica MA.
NY Priests were Msgr. Joseph M. Dolan and Revs. John S. Hunt, John L. Kiernan, Daniel J. Sheehan, James Patrick Sweeney, Ferraro, and Jose Cadusale (Philippines). All worked at the Medical Center or as chaplains at institutions in the area. But Ferraro's assignment, if any, is not specified in the Directory. Dolan died in 1990. Sweeney left in 1993 and returned in 1996. Rev. Louis D. Aufiero arrived in 1999.
Listed as a Brooklyn priest on sick leave.

Parsons Manor was in the complex of the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn & Queens. East across Parsons Blvd. from the complex was Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary church and school.


Nicholas A. DiMarzio was bishop of Brooklyn 2003- ).
Middlesex Superior Court Cambridge MA Convicted.
5/20/04 Middlesex Superior Court Cambridge MA Sentenced to life in prison by Judge Raymond Brassard. Romano is not indexed or listed in the 2003-2005 Directory. In the 2006 and 2007 Directory he is indexed as on leave / unassigned.
5/20/04 MCI-Cedar Junction

South Walpole

MA Maximum security prison.

Source: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1961-2007). See also:
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Selected Documents

- Ferraro's diocesan assignment records and other information
- Letter showing Bevilacqua's knowledge, by Ferraro to Bishop Mugavero (7/1/73)
- Letter from psychiatrist recommending Ferraro not work with boys, by Elbert to Mahoney (12/30/73)
- Handwritten memo describing Ferraro's Rockville Centre assignment and the abuse that ended it, by Rev. Douglas Brown to Bevilacqua (1/7/77)
- Typed version of previous memo, prepared by Bevilacqua (1/7/77)
- Memo stating that Ferraro is in a psychiatric hospital and it seems he won't be active in the Brooklyn diocese, by Bevilacqua to Brown (12/13/79)
- Memo stating that Bevilacqua is "greatly impressed" with Ferraro's sincere request for active ministry, by Bevilacqua to Bishop Mugavero (10/8/80)
- Memo describing Bevilacqua's personal arrangements for Ferraro's St. Louis assignments, by Bevilacqua (12/30/80)
- Memo describing a phone call in which Bevilacqua tried to get Ferraro to agree in writing to be "laicized if he ever was involved in another homosexual incident," but Ferraro refused, by Bevilacqua (12/31/80)
- Memo stating that Ferraro will live in a St. Louis parish and work in two hospitals, by Bevilacqua to Brown (1/26/81)
- Letter summarizing the Brooklyn diocese's financial support of Ferraro in St. Louis, by Bevilacqua to Ferraro (5/8/81)
- Memo summarizing good House of Affirmation report recommending a Brooklyn assignment, by Bevilacqua to Brown (3/16/82)
- Handwritten letter to "Tony" discussing upcoming Bronx hospital chaplaincy, by Ferraro to Bevilacqua (6/7/83)
- Memo reporting Bevilacqua's view that Ferraro is too risky for Brooklyn and should "seek an assignment outside the diocese", by Brown to Bishop Mugavero (6/17/83)
- Handwritten letter to "Tony" saying that Ferraro had been asked to leave his Bronx chaplaincy, by Ferraro to Bevilacqua (8/29/83)
- Memo stating that "we would not be averse" to Ferraro working in the New York archdiocese, by Bevilacqua (9/3/83)

Knowledge of Ferraro's Pedophilia

The public began to learn about Ferraro's crimes when he was arrested on 4/1/02. But Ferraro's superiors appear to have known about him long before. Diocesan statements at the time of the arrest indicated that a complaint had been received from a family in 1988, and that Ferraro had been put on leave, for reasons unspecified, in 1973. But evidence indicates that the diocese knew even earlier. See especially Richard Sipe's affidavit assessing Ferraro's record.

Priests in a Parish: We use the following convention to show a priest's place among the clergy of a parish: 1/2 means that he is the first priest listed in the Official Catholic Directory (usually the pastor) and that there is a total of two priests at the parish. The shorthand 3/4 means that the priest is listed third on a four-priest roster. See our sample page from the Directory.

Note: The Official Catholic Directory aims to report the whereabouts of Catholic priests in the United States on January 1 of the Directory's publication year. Our working assumption is that a priest listed in the Directory for a given year was at the same assignment for part of the previous year as well. However, Kenedy and Sons will sometimes accept updates well into the year of publication. Diocesan clergy records are rarely available to correct this information. The Directory is also sometimes misleading or wrong. We have tried to create an accurate assignment record, given the source materials and their limitations. Assignment records are a work in progress and we are always improving the records that we post. Please email us with new information and corrections.

This assignment record collates Ferraro's career history as it is represented in the Official Catholic Directory with his conviction and allegations as they are reported in the media. We make no representation regarding the truth of the allegation we report. We remind our readers that in the U.S. judicial system, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.

A Note on Nomenclature: We use the term "assignment record," instead of the more common "service record," because "service" is not an appropriate word for the activities of an abusive priest. Dioceses are often less than forthcoming about the activities of retired priests, but when we can determine those activities, we list them in these assignment records, particularly if they involve ministry. Retired priests remain under obedience to their bishop, and even the activities of laicized priests should be a concern to the diocese.

This assignment record was last updated on 12/18/07.

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