Thursday, February 17, 2011

Latest moves
Sex abuse victims blast latest Rigali moves

Statement by Karen Polesir, SNAP Philadelphia Director (267 992 9463,

For the second time in week, Rigali hires a new lawyer and calls it ‘progress. It isn’t.

The first time, he hired a therapist/lawyer. Now he hires a defense lawyer. (Ms. Smith was a prosecutor initially but seems to have spent her recent years “guiding” institutions that face abuse charges and “managing misconduct allegations.” This hardly qualifies her as a ‘reformer.’)

Remember that the last time Rigali brought in a consultant, he ignored all 11 of her recommendations.

Rigali needs to fire, not hire, more staff. If the heads of complicit officials role, maybe other church staffers will start reporting, not concealing, child sex crimes. But rarely are any Catholic supervisors disciplined for ignoring or hiding child sex crimes, so many of them keep right on ignoring and hiding child sex crimes.

Rigali’s goal is obviously to convince parishioners and the public that only ‘minor tweaking’ is needed. It’s not. Major reform is needed.

Three dozen credibly accused pedophile priests need to be ousted, not three. Rigali’s only taking action against the three clerics he’s forced to deal with because they were ‘outed’ in the grand jury report.

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