Friday, February 18, 2011

No more excuses
Inquirer Editorial: No more excuses
February 17, 2011

Cardinal Justin Rigali said Wednesday that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia understands "the gravity of child sexual abuse." If so, there are a number of reforms the archdiocese should implement in the wake of the latest grand-jury report that alleges continued abuse of boys by priests and a cover-up by top church officials.

But history is not on the archdiocese's side. That is why state lawmakers must pass measures that help victims and force reluctant church authorities to see the light.

There can be no more window dressing and half-steps by the archdiocese, designed to quiet the masses. That was clearly the case after a grand-jury report in 2005 accused the archdiocese of allowing hundreds of sexual assaults against children to go unpunished, while protecting dozens of priests.

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