Wednesday, March 23, 2011

20 facts
20 facts about the Roman Catholic Church that most Catholics don’t know
There is no implied order or priority in this list.

1.The culture of celibacy provides an effective hiding place for many sexually dysfunctional men.
2.Church leaders hate democracy; they don’t believe in freedom, equality, or free speech.
3.Unlike the Mafia, Church leaders (bishops, pope) don’t protect women and children.
4.Bishops swear complete loyalty to the pope; they are in effect kept men.
5.Money buys influence in the Church, just like everywhere else.
6.The pope is the absolute monarch. Nothing of import happens without his approval.
7.All sex outside of marriage is mortally sinful (provided the conditions for a sin to be mortal are present). There is no parvity of matter in sexual sin, that is, there is no gradation of severity when it comes to sexual, mortal sins. (Don’t try to look up “parvity” in the dictionary because it isn’t there; to find out what the word means call up your local theologian). For example, masturbation and child rape are equally sinful in the eyes of the men who run the Church. All sexual sin will land you in hell unless a priest absolves you through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
8.The bottom line in the Church is power, control, and money, just like it is in all worldly institutions.
9.The Church is in reality an insurance company selling insurance against being damned to hell. The premiums are deposited in the collection plate every Sunday.
10. Celibacy and chastity are two entirely different things.

11. The glue that holds the whole dysfunctional Catholic family together is fear.

12. Jimmy Breslin had it right years ago: the Roman Catholic Church is the church that forgot Christ. Or, as Jimmy might say, forgetabouthim.

13. Countless priests who have abused children are still in ministry notwithstanding bishops’ claims to the contrary (bishops and the pope lie a lot).

14. One out of every three baptized Catholics in America has left the Church.

15. There are many good men in the priesthood, but the number of good bishops is microscopically small.

16. The Catholic Church is rich beyond imagination. Just how rich the Church is is a matter of speculation because the Church is very, very secretive about its real estate and financial assets.

17. The majority of priests have a homosexual orientation; the scope of gay sex participated in by priests and bishops is staggering.

18. The Church hires the very best lawyers and PR firms and pays them very high fees to fight victims of sexual abuse by clerics and to lobby against changes in statutes of limitations in state legislatures.

19. The vast majority of regular Mass-going Catholics are like sheep; they do whatever their priests, bishops, and the pope tell them; they are not critical thinkers; they are passive like sheep or children.

20. When it comes to gospel values (compassion, justice, love) priests and bishops, like most people, talk a good game, but their actions speak louder than their words.

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