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Chaplains accused

A Preliminary List
Priests Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Who Worked As Military Chaplains
or Chaplains at VA Hospitals

This page presents a preliminary list of accused priests who have worked as military chaplains and chaplains at Veteran's Administration hospitals. It has been common practice for bishops and superiors of religious orders in the United States to use chaplaincies in the armed forces as a convenient place to send priests who have molested children. As a result, servicemen have been sexually assaulted, the children of soldiers have been abused, and children visiting a parent or relative at a VA hospital have been endangered. A priest's time in the military often ends with a transfer back into a parish, where parishioners know nothing of their new priest's sexual history, and the priest can use his military career in grooming new victims.

In the military, a sexually abusive priest has a powerful new tool to continue his sexual misconduct – his rank and the authority it gives him over soldiers of lower rank and their families. The Catholic church's cynical and criminal use of the armed forces as a warehouse for sex offending priests is a neglected and important aspect of the sexual abuse crisis. The bishops' practice of not reporting crimes to the police, and of moving priests who molest to unsuspecting parishes, already dishonors the justice system, the people of the parishes, and the priesthood itself. The bishops' use of the military dishonors and the men and women who protect our country, and the families that they are raising.

When bishops place priests in the VA system, they must sign a legal document stating that there is no "adverse information" regarding the priest, and a U.S. Attorney found that Bishop William F. Murphy of Rockville Centre provided false information on this form, which is a federal offense. For more details and documents about this case, see the Rev. William J. Scanlan entry below. It is certain that many other bishops have also broken the law in order to place offending priests at VA hospitals.

How prevalent is the practice of sheltering in the armed forces priests who sexually offend? Unfortunately, it is very common indeed. The preliminary list on this page provides the names of 95 priests accused of sexual abuse who have worked as military chaplains and/or VA chaplains, with information on their military service and links to articles. Our 95 is a small fraction of the true total. Yet when Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien of Baltimore, who ran the Archdiocese for the Military Services in 1997-2007, was asked in 2004 to give an account of sexual abuse in his chaplain ranks, he could count only 2 offending priests. Transparency regarding the abuse of military chaplaincies by U.S. bishops and order superiors is long overdue.

Below we provide a selection of relevant documents, followed by the list.

- Statement to the Priest Chaplains of the Archdiocese of the Military Services on the "Scandal Studies", by Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien (February 2004)

- Letter by Cardinal Law to the AMS Requesting a Chaplaincy for Forry (1/25/88). See also other Forry documents.

- Boston's Vicar General William Murphy Lies about Scanlan's Past on a Federal VA Chaplaincy Form (5/12/99). See also other Scanlan documents.

- Boston Endorsement and Tracking Form for Raux (9/27/96).

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Note: This table collates information on alolegations of sexual misconduct. We make no representation regarding the truth of the allegations we report, and we remind our readers that the U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise. Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.

In the 'Act' column, < means the alleged abuse occurred before chaplaincy; = means the alleged abuse occurred during chaplaincy; and > means the alleged abuse occurred after chaplaincy. A red < indicates that an alleged offense immediately preceded a transfer to a military chaplaincy.

Last Name First Name Ord Year Status Order / Diocese Comm
Year Service Act Desc Diocese ST Source
Abercrombie Leonard A. 1946 Settled Diocesan 1950 > Letter 7/93 to Pope JP II, Stafford, and Mahony, alleged abuse of boy 1953-57 from age 7 and counted several victims. Said Abercrombie admitted abuse to victim's sister in 1992. USAF chaplain 1950-53 in LA. Baker diocese 1962-64 but listed on sick leave. VA chaplain in LA 1972-93, then retired. Died 10/23/94. Late 1950s abuse alleged to Denver in 2002. CA suit 2003. LA archdiocese 2/17/04 counted 2 CA victims in 1970s. 1st CO suit filed 9/20/05. At least 9 men allege abuse. Some suits mediated. Denver CO LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; Denver Post 9.13.05; Denver Post 9.21.05; CBS 4 9.20.05; Denver Post 12.18.05; Rocky Mountain News 2.14.06; Denver Post 2.04.06; Denver Post 5.06.06; Rocky Mountain News 5.24.06; Rocky Mountain News 6.01.06; Denver Post 11.02.06; Denver Post 11.13.06; Denver Post 1.05.07; Gazette 2.18.07; Denver Post 9.13.05; Rocky Mountain News 9.14.07; LA Times Database 4.20.06; Murphy Letter to Pope 7.93; Assignment Record
Allen Michael 1971 Accused Diocesan 1972 Army = Accused by survivor in 1993 letter to Bishop Gettelfinger of sexually abusing the boy at age 16 in 1976; Allen admitted the abuse in 1994, was sent for treatment, and was then returned to ministry. Removed again after survivor came forward on 5/5/02. Allen was an Army chaplain 1972-93. In 2004 he was working in a civilian commissary in Kuwait, on contract with the U.S. military. He was seen saying mass but AMS said he had no privileges. Evansville IN Evansville Courier & Press 5.05.02; Courier & Press 5.05.02 (2nd); Courier & Press 5.06.02; Courier & Press 5.06.02 (2nd); Courier & Press 5.07.02; Courier & Press 5.07.02 (2nd); Courier & Press 6.08.02; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02; Courier & Press 6.15.02; Courier & Press 7.02.02; Courier & Press 11.14.02; Courier & Press 12.19.03; Courier & Press 3.21.04
Amora Edito D. 1980 Accused Diocesan 1986 Navy

NJ Air National Guard
= Amora was a priest of the Dipolog diocese in Philippines. His name appears on list of priests with credible allegations released by San Diego diocese 3/30/07. Personnel file released 10/24/10. Accused in 1991 of abusing a 10 year old girl on 2 occasions approximately 8 years before while acting as navy chaplain. He was part of 2005 settlement. His current status is unknown but Dipolog diocese says he is still part of Navy. San Diego CA Lompoc Record 3.30.07; Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07; San Diego Union Tribune 3.31.07; Orange County Register 10.28.10; Documents Released by San Diego Docese 10.25.10
Arflack Gregory 1998 Convicted Diocesan 2002 Army = Sentenced 11/1/05 to five years in prison after pleading guilty at his court-martial to three counts of forcible sodomy against enlisted men in 2004 and 2005.
Owensboro KY Army Times 1.11.05
Baillot Eugene 1939 Sued Diocesan 1943 Army > Bailot (or Baillot) was one of 16 priests named for the first time in numerous sexual abuse lawsuits filed in 1/03 in Boston. Woman said Bailot abused her and her brother in 1950s after establishing himself as "a darling" in the eyes of their family. He is listed as deceased. Boston MA Connecticut 1.18.03; Boston Globe 1.30.03; Assignment Record
Baltazar Carmelo Melchior (Mel) 1960 Convicted Diocesan 1969 Navy = An extern priest from the Philappines, Baltazar had a history of abuse of boys over a 20-year period while working in diocese of Cleveland, in Phillippines, in US Navy, and in dioceses of Boise, and San Diego. Named in several civil suits. Convicted 1984 and sentenced to 7 years. Released to treatment after 3 years. 2003 civil suit in San Diego said that plaintiff lived with Baltazar and traveled with him for 5 years during military assignments, introduced as his nephew. Deceased. Boise ID United Press International 5.30.84; United Press International 11.19.84; United Press International 1.24.85; United Press International 3.23.85; San Jose Mercury News 12.30.87; San Jose Mercury News 12.31.87; San Diego Union Tribune 5.22.03; Associated Press 10.08.03; Idaho States 2.21.04; Lompoc Record 3.30.07; Union Tribune 3.31.07; Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
Barney H. Stanley 1975 Accused Diocesan 1985 Navy Name appeared on 9/26/02 list of Fall River priests investigated by the Bristol County District Attorney's Office. Article shows there was one victim but Barney was not prosecuted because beyond the statute of limitations Fall River MA Boston Globe 9.27.02
Baskett John C. 1945 Accused Diocesan 1955 USAF < Accused in a 2007 police report of raping a 15-year-old girl in 1952 after using alcohol to incapacitate her. Abuse including intercourse allegedly continued through 1954. Baskett was then transferred to a parish now located in the Jefferson City MO diocese. Became Air Force chaplain in 1955, first as a Kansas City MO priest, then as a priest of the Springfield-Cape Girardeau diocese. On duty in Raleigh diocese 1978-79, then not listed in Directory. Died 6/23/95 in Las Vegas NV. Kansas City-St. Joseph MO Police Report 2.9.07
Beaver Reinard 1956 Sued Diocesan 1960 Army <= One civil suit filed by a man 5/03 alleged abuse in 1956 during trip to Seattle. Another suit filed by male plaintiff in 6/03 alleges abuse in 1957. This abuse occurred at Fairchild Air Force Base swimming pool where Beaver had privileges because he was in Army Reserves. 2 more suits filed 12/04 & 7/05. Removed 1983 amd retired 1984. Privileges removed 2002. Seattle WA Spokesman Review 10.24.02; Spokesman Review 10.24.02 (2nd); Spokesman Review 5.09.03; News Tribune (AP) 5.10.03; Spokesman Review 6.25.03; Seattle Post-Intelligencer (AP) 12.01.04; News Tribune 1.14.05; News Tribune 7.27.05; Seattle Times 7.27.05; Statement by Diocese of Spokane 11.21.07
Bernabe Polienato 1966 Settled Diocesan 1989 Army > Ordained by Lingayen-Dugapan archdiocese in the Philippines. Worked in St. Petersburg diocese 1975-89. Accused of repeatedly raping girl there 1978-86, starting when she was 8 years old. Listed as Army chaplain in Ogdensburg NY diocese 1989-91. Listed in Palm Beach FL diocese as parish priest 1992-94. Fled country after allegations became known in 2002. In 1/03 the Diocese of St. Petersburg reached $33,500 out-of-court settlement with the woman. Announcement 4/06 that Bernabe died in 2004. St. Petersburg FL St. Petersburg Times 5.24.02; Tampa Tribune 5.24.02; Tampa Tribune 7.01.02; St. Petersburg Times 7.17.02; USA Today 7.24.02; Tampa Tribune 1.23.03; Letter by Bishop Lynch 12.11.03.; St. Petersburg Times 4.12.06
Bernard Andre M. 1973 Accused Diocesan 1975 USAF ? Served as Air Force Chaplain from 1975-1991. Bernard's name listed on Privilege Log provided by Military Vicariate in Robert Peebles matter in Diocese of Dallas. Listed as "absent on leave" per 1993 and 1995 Official Catholic Directories. Dallas TX Military Vicariate Privilege Log from Doe v. Peebles, Dallas, TX
Brian 1966 Accused Diocesan 1988 Navy < Bjorklund, a Navy Chaplain, was removed from active duty in 2003 after allegations he abused one individual in the early years of his career as priest. Man came forward in 2003. No criminal charges. Review board found charge to be substantive. Reinstated as active priest in 2/04 after Vatican ruled that, per canon law in place in 1975-76, the alleged action "did not constitute the crime of sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 16." Navy did not take him back. Detroit Free Press (online) 7.04.03; 10.10.03; Archdiocese of Detroit Press Release 4.21.04; Fresno Bee 9.01.04; Detroit Free Press 6.02.05
Blazek Eugene E. 1976 Sued Diocesan 1986 USAF > Man filed civil suit 3/08 accusing Blazek of sexually abusing him for over a year "during or after 1979." Suit also mentions abuse of other youngsters. Blazek, although still part of Honolulu Diocese, had been serving as a military chaplain for over 20 years. He retired 6/1/07 and lives in Houston, TX per Catholic Herald. Honolulu HI Honolulu Star Bulletin 3.10.08; Honolulu Advertiser 3.11.08; Hawaii Catholic Herald 4.4.08; Assignment Record
Robert N. 1947 Convicted Diocesan 1982 Army <= Branded one of Michigan's worst pedophiles by prosecutors. Original complaint in 1968. He "retired" in 1985. Barred from working as a priest in 1993 after admitting in writing that he molested at least 23 boys during his career. Civil suits filed in 1994 (dismissed on limitations) and 1995 (settled). Listed in Directory as on sick leave, but worked as Army chaplain in Hawaii from 1982. Extradited in 2002; pleaded no contest and was sentenced 30 days jail and 5 yrs probation. Laicized 2005. Detroit MI Detroit Free Press 4.12.02; Associated Press 8.27.02; Detroit Free Press 8.28.02; Detroit Free Press 9.13.02; Detroit Free Press 11.02.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Detroit Free Press 4.14.03; Detroit Free Press 6.20.03; Associated Press 5.27.05; Honolulu Advertiser 9.18.02
Campbell Alvin L. 1952 Convicted Diocesan 1963 Army <= Arrested on sexual assault charges in 1985. Also had child porn in his possession. Had history of abuse involving numerous victims going back at least 20 years. Convicted and sentenced to 14 years prison. Released 1992. Removed from ministry and then died in late 2002. At least 1 civil suit settled in 2004 mass settlement. Six more victims from 1970s and early 1980s settled with diocese in 1/07 for $625K total. Springfield IL UPI 8.08.85; UPI 10.26.85; San Jose Mercury News 12.31. 87; AP 10.28.99; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10.30.03; 3.13.05; Springfield State Journal-Register 1.20.07
Carson David L. 1984 Accused Diocesan and OFM 1997 VA Hospital ? Accused of child sexual abuse; laicization announced July 2005. VA hospital assignment was in Rochester diocese. New York NY The Journal News 7.09.05; Newsday 7.09.05; Summary of Directory Listings
Santino A. 1975 Accused Diocesan 1981 Navy < Accused in a 4/3/02 letter to Bishop Tod Brown of sexually abusing a boy in the Orange diocese 1979-80 starting at age 15. The complainant and his brother, who also alleged abuse by Casimano, settled with the Orange diocese for $4.2M in 2005. Casimano had worked for a year in the Gallup diocese, as a priest of the Missionaries of St. Stephen, before going to Orange "in experimentum" for 3 years. Placed on sick leave by Orange, he worked as a Navy chaplain 1980-2000. When the Orange allegations became public, he was suspended from a high school in the Norwich CT diocese, where he was principal. He is deceased. Gallup NM St. Bernard High School Alumni Page, 6.04.03; Diocese of Orange News Release 1.10.04; LA Times 1.11.04; OC Register 1.13.04; The Day 1.21.04; The Day 1.22.04; Gallup Independent 1.24.04; OC Weekly 7.9.04; Associated Press 4.16.05; Orange County Register 5.17.05; Gallup Independent 8.03.05; Gallup Independent 7.21.07; Assignments: Assignment Record with Links to Articles; Orange Diocesan Assignment Record; Orange Diocesan Note with Assignment Record
Thomas P. 1956 Sued Diocesan 1960 Army > Accused in 6/22/02 suit of forcing boy to perform oral sex in 1964-65 at age 10-11 in cathedral rectory. Had been Army chaplain 1960-62. Was superintendent of Louisville Catholic schools 1967-74. Died 11/4/91. Louisville KY Courier-Journal 6.27.02; Courier-Journal 9.2.02; Courier-Journal 9.29.02; Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Thomas 1987 Convicted Diocesan 1989 USAF <= Began to abuse boys prior to ordination. Criminal charges in DC, Virginia & Maryland re 2 13-yr-old boys. Convicted in all three states. Sentenced to prison for 22 yrs & 15 yrs probation. Abused one child again after he was reported. Mother of 1 youth filed civil suit. Voluntarily laicized. Believed to still be in prison as of 2007. Rejoined Air Force reserves in order to groom a victim; uncertain whether he functioned as chaplain in USAF. Washington DC Washington Times 1.24.91; Washington Post 1.24.91; Washington Times 2.28.91; Washington Post 3.26.91; Washington Post 5.24.91; Washington Times 8.16.91; Washington Times 10.09.91; Washington Post 2.19.95; Washington Post 7.13.04
Kevin 1952 Sued OFM Conv USAF Reserves ? At least 5 suits filed 2002. Accused of abuse of girls. Died 1990 or 1991. May have also abused in Ohio prior to arrival in Kentucky. Louisville KY Courier Journal 5.22.02; Courier Journal 6.8.02; Courier Journal 6.27.02; Courier Journal 8.26.02; Courier Journal 9.29.02 (Major Account); Courier Jounal 7.13.08; Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Congro Basil 1978 Sued Diocesan 1983 Navy < Accused in 4/14/03 suit of groping and sodomizing a boy 1980-83, starting at age 15, in the Rockville Centre NY diocese. Some abuse in confessional. Excardinated to Fresno CA diocese and was a Navy chaplain 1983-94. Excardinated to Charleston SC diocese; worked as pastor; also in Navy reserves. Charleston says it learned of allegation in 6/02; deemed it credible; put Congro on administrative leave in Fall 2002. Bishop Robert Baker wrote letter to priests in 4/03 after suit was filed. Rockville Centre;
Charleston NY
SC Post & Courier 12.21.95; Newsday 4.15.03; Associated Press 4.29.03; Post & Courier 4.29.03;
Assignment Record
Denis A. 1975 Settled Diocesan 1975 Navy Inactive Reserves = Personnel file released 12/02. Removed from active ministry 1994 after Archdiocese received a demand letter from attorney for man who said Conte had sexually abused him when he was 11 or 12. He admitted sharing bed with boy and kissing him on lips but denied sexual abuse. Settled 1995 for $150K. Laicization announced 6/05. Also accused of abuse in NH. In Naval Reserves 1975-1986.
Boston MA Boston Globe 12.10.02; Boston Herald 12.10.02; Boston Globe 6.10.05; Lynn Daily Item 6.10.05; Lowell Sun 6.10.05; Documents from NH AG Audit Report 3.7.09;
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
James J. 1965 Accused Diocesan 1988 USAF < Accused 1/22/02 of abusing two boys, age 14 and 15, in 1966 or 1967. After 2-year term as pastor 1983-85 and 3-year demotion, was USAF chaplain 1988-96. Then worked in parish and as hospital chaplain. Restricted 1/02 to saying Mass privately. Retired 2/26/02. Evaluated at St. John Vianney Hospital 3/02. Additional restrictions on ministry 9/10/04. Faculties removed 10/8/04; supervised. Philadelphia PA Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report, Appendix A; Philadelphia Inquirer 9.25.05; Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
George A. 1974 Accused Christian Brothers;
Diocesan 2006 Army < Accused 1993 of sexually abusing a girl from age 9 to 15, starting in mid-1960s, when Costigan was a Christian Brother at West Catholic Boys High School in the Philadelphia archdiocese. Left the Christian Brothers; was ordained in 1974 and incardinated in the Paterson NJ diocese, where he worked as a hospital chaplain. Retired in 1993 to live at convent attached to youth retreat center. Named auxiliary contract chaplain in 2006; worked at the Army’s Redstone Arsenal despite restricted status in Paterson. Washington
Paterson DC
NJ Patricia Clancy 1.31.04; Philadelphia Weekly 3.03.04; SNAP Video at Philadelphia Inquirer 8.7.06; Patricia Clancy letter to Bishop Serratelli 10.05.06; Detailed Assignment Record
Creager Robert J. 1954 Accused Diocesan 1961 Navy ? Creager was one of 7 priests asked to step down from public ministry 5/02 because of allegations of sexual abuse. He retired as of 1998. No info on alleged abuse or victims. Allegations were brought to Diocese's attention in 2002. Navy chaplain Peoria IL Diocesan Press Release 5.30.02; Copely News Service 5.30.02; Pantagraph 5.31.02; Chicago Tribune 5.31.02; Catholic Post 6.9.02; Assignments: Copely News Service 5.30.02
Davis Charles J. 1962 Accused Diocesan 1967 Army < Accused 2002 of sexually abusing a boy during first assignment 1962-64. Transferred through 3 more assignments in 3 years: another Camden parish, a Trenton parish as extern, and missionary assignment in Brazil. Army reserve chaplain 1967-70; on leave for a year; Camden parishes 1971-74; Army chaplain 1974-92; Camden parish for a year. On duty outside the diocese 1992-99 in FL and NH, then retired. Camden asked Vatican to defrock Davis; matter was sent back to Camden for church tribunal. Camden;
Brazil missions NJ
NH Camden diocesan tribunal correspondence 2003-2005; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05;
Detailed Assignment Record
Deady John P. 1939 Sued Diocesan 1943 Navy > Accused 4/23/02 of sexually abusing one person 1956-57. Complainant filed suit. Deady had served as Navy chaplain 1943-46. Died 3/7/89. Los Angeles CA LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Dearing Charles F. 1955 Settled

Criminal Charges Dropped
Diocesan 1959 USAF < Chaplain in Air Force from 1959 to apparently 1964. Left priesthood in 1971. Woman filed suit 4/03 alleging abuse by Dearing when she was about 10 in 1966-68. Suit settled 6/03 as part of massive diocesan settlement. Criminal charges filed 7/03. He pleaded not guilty. Charges later dismissed after prosecutor said there was "insufficient evidence at this time" to proceed. Louisville KY Associated Press 4.21.03; Courier-Journal 4.22.03; Courier-Journal 7.9.03; Associated Press 1.22.04; Courier-Journal 1.22.04;
Assignment Record
de Otero Roberto 1977 Diocesan 1987 Navy <= Accused in 5/17/02 suit of abusing 2 altar boys in late 1980s in Honolulu; settled 6/04. Accused in 8/30/04 suit of abusing boy at same parish in 1985. On leave 1987-89; Navy chaplain 1989-93. Admitted in 1993 to abusing a boy at a CA Marine base and resigned. After DiLorenzo came to Honolulu in 1993 he removed de Otero from public ministry. Had begun career in Portland OR archdiocese where in 1977-81 he had 2 parish assignments and was on sick leave before being loaned then excardinated to Honolulu. Portland
Honolulu OR
HI Honolulu Advertister 5.18.02; Arizona Republic 10.12.03; Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2.27.04; Honolulu Star-Bulletin 7.22.04; Honolulu Advertiser 7.23.04; Honolulu Advertiser 8.31.04;
Detailed Assignment Record
DeStefano Neal J. 1979 Convicted Jesuit Navy = Sentenced to five years in prison in 1994 after pleading guilty to drugging and molesting two Marines. He was dismissed from the Navy and resigned from the Jesuit religious order. "It was a tremendous failure of moral responsibility on my part as an officer and a priest," he said. Boston MA AP 10.12.03
Diamond Martin J. 1930 Sued Diocesan 1942 Army > Accused in 1/03 suit of abusing a boy in 1967-70 at St. Peter's in Keokuk IA where Diamond was pastor, starting when the boy was 8 years old. Diamond began his career with 2 years at the same parish, but then was a hospital chaplain for most of the 1930s. After more parish work, he was an Army Reserve chaplain 1942-46 and then a hospital chaplain again. After more parish work he died 6/11/89. Suit dismissed because of Diamond's death and lack of evidence that diocese knew of abuse. Davenport IA Des Moines Register 7.19.03; Franklin Report 2.25.04; Quad-City Times 10.1.04; Detailed Assignment Record
Joseph L. 1966 Accused Diocesan 1988 Army < Philadelphia Grand Jury Report II reported that woman came forward in 2005 to report that he had sexually her as a 16-year-old girl in 1967 or 1968 at Our Lady of Loreto Parish in Philadelphia. Review Board found initial allegation to be credible but reversed itself in 2006. After release of Grand Jury Report, he was placed on leave from job as parochial vicar at Stella Maris Rectory. He denies all allegations. Philadelphia PA Statement by Philadelphia District Attorney 2.10.11; Philadelphia Grand Jury Final Report II 2.10.11, pp. 66-68; Philadelphia Inquirer 2.11.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 2.13.11; WPVI 2.16.11; My Fox Philly 2.18.11; Daily Times 2.19.11; 6 ABC 2.19.11; Assignment Record
Dober Edward J. 1976 Settled Diocesan 1976 USAF Reserves > Accused in 5/21/02 letter to archdiocese of improperly hugging a boy in 1990-91. Dober denied the charge and the archdiocesan review board deemed the accusation unfounded on 10/9/02. The complainant filed suit in 2003 and was included in the global $60Msettlement in 12/06 with 44 other complainants. Beginning in 1976, Dober was a reserve chaplain in the U.S. Air Force. As of 12/11/07, Dober was pastor of St. John of God in Norwalk CA. Los Angeles CA Los Angeles Times 2.7.04; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; Ventura County Star 12.02.06; LA Times 12.02.06; City of Angels 12.07.07; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
William J. 1969 Accused Diocesan 1976 USAF Reserves ? Accused 4/3/02 of sexually abusing a female HS student. No date or description of abuse given. Had been placed on administrative leave 9/1/99. On 4/15/04 archdiocese accepted review board assessment that allegation was credible. On 6/14/04 his ministry was restricted and archdiocese said Vatican was reviewing laicization. On 9/10/04 ministry was further restricted. On 10/21/04 he asked the Vatican for laicization. Had been assigned to HS 1970-94. Was chaplain with the USAF Reserves 1976-78. Philadelphia PA Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Inquirer 9.25.05; Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
Doxie Donald F. 1952 Sued Diocesan 1957 Navy > Accused in 12/11/03 suit of sexually abusing boy 1969-72 starting at age 15. Diocese stated this was the only allegation. Was secretary to Bishop Charles F. Buddy 1955-57. Worked as Navy chaplain 1957-61. Was vice chancellor 1961-68. Died 11/1/76. San Diego CA San Diego Union-Tribune 12.12.03; Lompoc Record 3.30.07; San Diego Union-Tribune 3.31.07; Diocese of San Diego list 3.30.07
Drake Carl E., Jr. 1964 Convicted Diocesan 1968 Navy = Accused in 1993 of sodomizing a boy 1989-93 starting at age 14. Drake had obtained a court order granting him custody. Convicted 11/18/93 in court martial of committing indecent acts with the boy but acquitted of charges that he sodomized him for more than 4 years. Drake denied the charges. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Drake had worked at 2 parishes in the Columbus diocese and then as a Navy chaplain 1968-93. He was suspended by the Navy and the Washington archdiocese in 4/93. Columbus OH Washington Post 11.19.93
Duggan Albert Joseph 1932 Settled Diocesan 1950 Army > Accused to LA police in 2001 of sexually abusing a boy aged 12 in 1969 at St. Frances in Azusa CA. Accused in 11/21/03 suit of abusing a boy 1963-67 at same parish. LA archdiocesan report on 2/17/04 counted 3 alleging abuse 1963-71, presumably the 2001 and 2003 complainants and one other. The 2001 complainant was included in $660M LA settlement on 7/14/07. Not clear from LA record whether Duggan's Army chaplaincy 1950-52 preceded his assignment to St. Frances or interrupted it. Los Angeles CA Pasadena Star-News 11.24.03; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; San Gabriel Valley Tribune 2.18.04; Des Moines Register 8.12.07; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Henry N. 1945 Settled Diocesan 1952 USAF < Accused of abusing several girls (including his own nieces) in 1947-1948 during his first assignment. He retired in 1990. Diocese learned of abuse in 1992 and Dunkel's priestly activities were restricted. Died 1998. At least one accuser settled in 1993 under a gag order. She and two others filed suit in 2002 to void the gag orders. That case was dismissed in 2004. Dubuque IA Big Spring Herald (TX) 11.23.52; Telegraph Herald (Dubuque) 11.18.02; Telegraph Herald 1.6.06; Sioux City Journal 1.6.06; Telegraph Herald 3.6.06; Telegraph Herald 3.7.06; Telegraph Herald 3.9.06; Minnesota SNAP Announcement 7.18.10; Telegraph Herald 9.26.10; Archdiocesan Report on Assignments 9.22.06
Edelin Richard A. 1980 Settled Diocesan 1989 USAF < Accused in 1996 of repeatedly groping girl 1981-82 beginning at age 17. Venues included confessional and retreats. Edelin denied charge. She was given $5K and told by Bishop Fiorenza on 2/23/96 that Edelin would be suspended. From 1979 ordination, Edelin worked at 6 parishes in 10 years. Then was USAF chaplain 1989-92; chaplain on leave 1992-97; then not listed. Edelin’s return announced 5/03; complainant objected. Began working in Baker diocese instead, where seminary classmate Vasa was bishop. Galveston-Houston
Baker TX
OR Houston Chronicle 2.01.04; KGW NEWS 3.31.06; The Oregonian 4.01.06; Ft. Worth Star Telegram (AP) 4.01.06; KBCI 4.04.06; Houston Press 8.17.06; Detailed Assignment Record
Edwards Lawrence A. 1939 Sued Diocesan 1945 Army

Air Force
Man claimed in May 2004 suit that he was molested by Edwards at St. Mary's church in Milford when he was between 10 and 12 years old. Suit also says there are numerous other victims. Archdiocese may have know of Edwards' behavior in 1967. Army chaplain (1945-1948) and Air Force chaplain (1948-1951). Edwards retired in 1985 and died in March, 1999. Detroit MI Detroit News 5.13.04; Times Herald 8.9.04; Archdiocese of Detroit Status Report 10.09
Esquibel John L. 1966 Sued Diocesan 1979 Army Reserve At least 2 civil suits filed in 1994. Esquibel (also spelled Esquivel) is alleged to have molested boys in several parishes before he was placed in job at Chancery office. Reoffended after treatment. Indicted in 2/93 and charged with abusing a 15-year-old altar boy in 1983; charges dropped later same month for lack of evidence. Worked as Army Reserve chaplain from 1979. Still so listed as late as 2002, likely in error. Santa Fe NM Doe vs. Roman, Bernalilio Cty NM, Cause #CV-94-05046; Albuquerque Journal 2.09.95; Albuquerque Journal 2.21.95
Romano J. 1960 Diocesan 1968 Navy
Army Reserve <=> Arrested 4/1/02; convicted; sentenced 5/20/04 to life in prison for repeatedly raping boy 1973-80 in Billerica MA starting at age 7. Admitted at trial he was pedophile who abused perhaps dozens of boys. Earliest abuse alleged in civil suits was 1964-68.Then he was in FL as Navy chaplain 1968-71; dishonorably discharged; sued 1/06 for FL abuse. Reassigned, he allegedly abused in Brooklyn, Rockville Centre, St. Louis, and Metuchen dioceses. Suspended 1988. Diocese apparently knew much earlier. Brooklyn NY Collection of Sources; Detailed Assignment Record
Thomas 1988 Settled Diocesan 1988 Army < In 1984, therapists suggested that Forry be sent for long-term hospitalization and treatment but he refused to go. Even though Archdiocese knew of allegations of sexual abuse and beatings of preteen boy by Forry and affairs with women, he was allowd toserve as army chaplain from 1988-1992. History is contained in personnel file. Abuse matter settled for $30,000 12/93. Not placed on leave until 2002. Laicized per 3/06 article. Lives in South Boston 10/08. Boston MA Patriot Ledger 2.8.02; Boston Herald 2.8.02; Boston Globe 2.8.02; Boston Globe 12.4.02; Patriot Ledger 12.17.02; Newsday 2.10.03; Boston Globe 3.5.03; Associated Press 10.8.03; 10.10.03; Boston Globe 3.18.06; Patriot Ledger 3.18.06; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08; Assignment Record
Peter J. 1970 Sued Diocesan 1971 Army Inactive Reserves Became a military chaplain in 1971 just one year after ordination. By 1974 he was placed on sick leave. Three years later he was back in parishes. Finally removed in 1992. Allegation of abuse surfaced in 1980. Admitted abusing as far back as 1969 as deacon before his ordination and to being a sex addict. Also admitted one victim committed suicide. Named in 3 civil suits beginning in 2002. Laicized 6/05. Boston MA Boston Globe 5.2.02; Patriot Ledger 5.15.02; Boston Globe 9.18.02; Patriot Ledger 12.4.02; Boston Herald 12.4.02; Boston Globe 12.4.02; Patriot Ledger 12.19.02; Boston Globe 6.10.05; Lynn Daily Item 6.10.05; Lowell Sun 6.10.05; Assignment Record
Gerald 1965 Settled Crosier USAF <= Banished from diocese after allegations that he was "planning" to molest a youth. Man filed suit 9/03 in MN alleging that Funcheon abused him in 1970s at Catholic School in MN when he was 11. 2nd person alleged abuse in late 1970s at rectory. This man received $30K payment for counseling & an apology. Also in trouble while chaplain in Air Force. Civil suit filed in Lafayette, IN in 2007 still active 8/09. 3 claims included in 2/09 settlement with Crosiers and 9 accusers in MN. Left Order in 1980s. Lafayette IN Indianapolis Star 2.16.97; Indianapolis Star 2.16.97 (2nd); St. Paul Pioneer Press 9.20.03; Star Tribune 9.20.03; News Sentinel 7.11.07; WSJV (AP) 7.12.07; Forest Lake Times 2.5.09; St. Paul Pioneer Press 2.5.09; St. Paul Pioneer Press 2.5.09; Shoreview Press 2.6.09; Pioneer Press 2.8.09; Chicago Tribune 8.28.09
Fusoni Joseph A. 1960 Accused Diocesan 1969 USAF > Accused in 1993 of sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy in mid-1980s. Pastor had been told of the abuse at the time, and told complainant that parents of another Fusoni victim had previously complained. After 2nd complaint, Fusoni was apparently placed onleave by the archdiocese (not shown in 1986 or 1987 Directory). Then he was promoted to pastor at another parish. Died 7/3/88 at age 55 of lung cancer. Boston MA Notes on O'Sullivan Report 3.27.93; Demand Letter 3.27.95; Assignment Record
Glynn Thomas 1938 Settled Diocesan 1941 Navy
> Man filed suit 6/03 claiming he was abused by Glynn for 3 yrs in early 1970s. Later article says two other allegations have surfaced since suit was filed. 4 other men filed suit 10/03. One said he told another priest in 1971. If action had been taken, the other 3 would not have been abused. Glynn was a Navy chaplain in WWII. He died 1993 at age 80. At least 1 claim included in 10/05 settlement with Archdiocese. Hartford CT 6.18.03; New Haven Register 10.07.03; Connecticut Post 8.03.03; Middletown Press 10.07.03; Hartford Courant 11.01.05; NY Times 11.01.05; Assignments: Hartford Courant 1.27.93
Gunst George A. 1950 Diocesan 1967 Navy < Sick leave in 1974; military chaplain assignments on two occasions. Died 1995. Sued 2003. Alleged abuse occurred 1955. Los Angeles CA Pasadena Star-News 11.24.03; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2; San Gabriel Valley Tribune 2.18.04; City of Angels 12.07.07; Assignments:
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Hamilton William 1967 Settled Diocesan VA Hospital ? In 2003 the Archdiocese settled a sex abuse claim against Hamilton for $675,000. Further facts and Hamilton's current status are unknown. Portland OR Oregonian Table 11.12.06; Assignments: Assignment Record

Hrdlicka Robert C. 1977 Convicted Diocesan <1993 Navy = Accused of abusing 4 boys in the Lincoln diocese in 1978. In 1993, while serving as Navy chaplain, he was court martialed and sent to prison after pleading guilty to indecent acts with minors in South Carolina and Sicily, Italy. Released from prison and from Navy in 1999. Articles also reported he was removed or dismissed from the priesthood. Lincoln NE >Associated Press 7.2.93; Omaha World Herald 3.29.02; Associated Press 3.29.02; Lincoln Journal Star 4.7.02; Associated Press 4.7.02; Associated Press 4.26.02; Associated Press 7.4.03; Associated Press 10.8.03; 10.10.03
Jeselnick Stephen 1977 Settled Diocesan 1980s USAF < Settled in 2005 a lawsuit alleging that Jeselnick in 1980 made unwanted sexual advances to a young man. Erie NY Meadville Tribune 2.11.08; Meadville Tribune 2.12.08
Keith John C. 1956 Settled Diocesan 1962 USAF > Originally ordained as Jesuit. Came to San Diego in 1957. Incardinated 1961. Man named him as abuser in 1985 lawsuit. Suit settled in 1999 for $95K. No admission of wrongdoing on Keith's part. Mother says she complained repeatedly to Diocese and nothing done. Keith denied all charges. He admitted to being recovering alcoholic. Retired in 1990; died 5/03. Shown on list released by San Diego Diocese 3/30/07. New suit filed 2008. Settled 4/10. Personnel file released 10/10. San Diego CA Copley News Service 5.9.02; Associated Press 5.9.02; San Diego Union Tribune 5.7.03; Lompoc Record 3.30.07; Union Tribune 3.31.07; Desert Sun 4.11.07; Voice of San Diego 4.5.10; Desert Dispatch 4.21.10; LA Times 10.25.10; Documents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10; Assignments: Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
Kelly C. Richard, Jr. 1970 Sued Diocesan Army National Guard < Placed on leave 2/04 after archdiocese investigated allegations that he sexually abused a minor boy approx. 30 years before. Matter reported to civil authorities in 2003 and they notified the archdiocese. Reveiw committee found the allegations "substantive." Leave of absence in 1973 & sabbatical in 1992. Army National Guard chaplain for 12 yrs; spent 8 months overseas during Persian Gulf War in 1991. Sued 5/04 by man who alleged abuse in 3rd grade. Permanently removed from ministry 2005. Detroit MI Detroit News 3.1.04; Detroit Free Press 3.3.04; Detroit News 5.13.04; (AP) 5.13.04; (AP) 12.8.05; Detroit News 12.12.05; Detroit News 1.5.06; Detroit Free Press 1.11.06
Kurzak John 1975 Sued Diocesan 1985 USAF < One man filed civil suit 3/08 which alleged abuse by Kruzak and a seminary student (John Perdue) in early 1980s when the plaintiff was a minor in Fort Dodge. Suit alleges that diocese knew of other victims in 1985 but merely allowed Kurzak to become a military chaplain, He is still active chaplain as of 3/08. Second suit filed 3/28/08 alleged abuse of 1 in 1982. Not sure if this plaintiff was under 18 at the time since he was a seminary student. Trials set for fall '09. Sioux City KTPM 3.20.08; KCAU 3.21.08; The Messinger 3.21.08; The Messigner 3.29.08; Sioux City Journal 4.05.08; KCAU 4.30.08; Sioux City Journal 2.5.09; KTIV 2.8.09
Ronald J. 1969 Arrested Diocesan Army Reserves > Arrested in 1984 on suspicion of molesting a 17 yr old boy at St. Raymond in Dublin. Sent for treatment and placed on leave for 1 year then reassigned. Later became a chaplain in the army reserves. Last known to be serving as abbot of independent Benedictine monastary in Hawaii. Oakland San Jose Mercury News 3.31.08; Contra Costa Times 4.1.08; Bay Area News Group 4.1.08
Lee John Thomas Matthew Convicted 1996 Navy = Lee admitted that he sexually abused at least three men. Lee was sentenced to 12 years in prison and discharge without benefits or pay, but in a plea agreement, he will serve two years. Lee is HIV-positive and admits that he withheld that information from his victims and partners alike. Washington DC Newsweek 12.24.07
John F. 1960 Diocesan 1966 USAF = Named for the first time in 4/03 lawsuit, Mahoney allegedly spanked and caressed the bare buttocks of an 11 yr old boy on trip to West Point in 1967. Future attempts to molest the boy "occurred in the sacristy, the bell tower and in defendant's car." He became an Air Force Chaplain in 1966 and retired from Air Force in 1984 as Lt. Col. Mahoney died in June 2000 per his obituary. Rockville Centre NY Newsday 6.29.00; Newsday 4.15.03; Assignment Record and Other Info
Maloney William F. 1964 Diocesan 1968 Navy < Accused in 2002 of abusing one person at St. Theresa's in North Reading, where Maloney was assigned briefly before he entered the Military archdiocese as a Navy chaplain. The complainant also accused the pastor, Msgr. John J. Lane. Served as Chaplain in Navy from 1968-1973. Not indexed in Official Catholic Directory after 1974. Boston MA Sherman Letter 4.12.02; Assignments: Assignment Record
Joseph 1965 Diocesan Maryland Air National Guard 1994 civil suit alleges Maskell physically and sexually abused at least two girls at Seton Keough High School in late 1960s-early 1970s. Maskell is also the subject of an investigation into the murder of a nun in 1969. One of the students told her of abuse by Maskell. Nun disappeared shortly thereafter and was later found murdered. Maskell placed on leave in 1992; retd to duty 1993-1994. New allegations surfaced in 1994 and he was placed on leave again. He died in 2001. Baltimore MD Baltimore Sun 8.01.94; Baltimore Sun 8.04.94; Baltimore Sun 8.10.94; Baltimore Sun 8.25.94; Baltimore Sun 12.16.94; Baltimore Sun 2.14.95; Baltimore Sun 5.06.95; Baltimore Sun 8.21.96; Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02; Baltimore City Paper 1.05.05; Assignments:
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
Mark 1976 Convicted Theatine Army Hospital <= Accused of abuse of 2 in CO in 1987 and acquitted of abuse of 1 in 1989 in CA. Convicted 2000 in HI of 1998 sexual assault on 13 yr old boy. Sentenced to 20 years. Also served in San Antonio. 1 Civil suit filed 2002. Another CO victim came forward in 2005 to allege abuse in 1982. He received $22.5K from the Order. Matson is still in prison and on sex offender register in HI as of 8/09. New civil suit filed 4/10 re abuse in CO seminary in 1976. Honolulu HI Denver Post 3.24.02; San Antonio Express News 4.28.02; Judgment of Conviction (HI) 5.5.02; Honolulu Advertiser 1.6.04; Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2.27.04; Rocky Mountain News 10.22.05; Hawaii News New 4.22.10; Honolulu Advertiser 4.22.10; Denver Post 4.22.10; Westword 8.27.10
Bruce C. 1975 Accused OSC 1989 Navy Worked in Indiana in 1975, in Nebraska from 1975-1982, in Detroit from 1983-1989 and then a Navy chaplain from 1989 until 2002 when he was removed from duty for single instance of abuse with one minor. Died 2/17/06. Detroit MI Detroit Archdiocese 11.02; Star Tribune 10.10.02; Crosier Fathers 2.17.06
Gerard T. 1961 Convicted Diocesan 1970 Navy < Indicted 4/06 for rape of one girl between 1967-1970. Allegations surfaced in 2006. He would get drunk at family's home and they would let him sleep it off in the little girl's bed. Left Boston in 1970 to serve as military chaplain but still part of archdiocese. Retired from military and settled in FL. Pleaded guilty 5/06. Sentenced to lifetime on probation to be served in FL. Boston MA Boston Globe 4.14.06; Pensacola News Journal 4.18.06; Country Gazette 4.21.06; Boston Herald 4.27.06; Sun Chronicle 5.12.06; Boston Herald 5.12.06; Assignment Record
McNicholas Edward J. 1954 Accused Diocesan Served as Air Force chaplain. Named in Military Privilege Log produced in Peebles Case in Dallas which references 1994 investigation. 1989 Catholic Directory refers to him as "released from Diocesan assignment." Dallas TX Military Vicariate Privilege Log from Doe v. Peebles, Dallas, TX
McSorley James P. 1946 Sued OMI = Last name sometimes spelled "McSorely" in various OCD. In one suit pending as of 2002, McSorley is accused of molesting a boy in 1964 at St. Alice Catholic Church in Springfield, OR. Also accused of abuse in 1960s when he was army chaplain stationed in Germany. Archdiocese paid $100,000 to settle one claim in 2003. He died in May, 2005. Also worked in Oakland Diocese, Idaho and Washington. Portland OR Sunday Oregonian 7.07.02; Catholic Voice 6.20.05; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; Contra Costa Times 4.01.08
Melody Owen J. 1962 Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity Navy = Melody confessed in 1987 to abusing a girl for three years. He was active duty Navy Chaplain at the time of abuse. He was sentenced to 20 yr suspended sentence and 10 yr probation. Also 5 yrs therapy. Privileges suspended 1988. Oct. 2003 article reported Melody had been dismissed from the Navy and the priesthood but that he still claimed to be innocent. He married a female Navy Chaplain. Arlington VA UPI 4.16.87; UPI 1.17.88; Associated Press 4.26.02; Associated Press 10.8.03
Moran Edward C. 1989 Accused Diocesan 1997 USAF <= Accused in 1994 of sexually abusing a woman in the confessional. Removed and sent for treatment. Accused of abusing a different woman as a military chaplain in the New York archdiocese, and sent for treatment again. Richmond VA Diocesan Email 3.11.05; DiLorenzo Letter 7.12.05; Roanoke Times 8.21.05

Robert P. 1976 Settled Diocesan 1988 Navy < Man alleged in 12/02 that he had been abused separately by Morrissey and two other priests from 1979-1983 when he was between ages of 15 and 19. All three immediately placed on leave. In 2003, accegations surfaced that $500,000 was missing from an authorized brokerage account at Morrissey's last church. Claims included in massive $21M settlement in 10/03 with 40 people abused by 16 priests. Bridgeport CT Connecticut Post 12.14.02; Connecticut Post 3.15.03; Hartford Courant (AP) 3.18.03; Connecticut Post 10.16.03; Associated Press 10.17.03; Connecticut Post 12.1.09
Murphy Dennis P. 1974 Accused Diocesan 1995 VA Hospital Placed on leave 4/04 due to complaints about his interaction with teenage youths. Had only been in his current parish assignment for 2 yrs, having replaced Fr. J. Goodman, an accused priest. Sent for evaluation. Murphy was on loan to the Military Archdiocese working in Providence RI at the VA hospital for previous 9 years "to care for his mother." "Retired from ministry" per the diocesan website on 12/20/07 but he is also shown as affiliated with the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Worked in Boston. Richmond
Boston VA
MA Richmond Times Dispatch 9.4.02; Richmond Times Dispatch 9.5.02; Associated Press 4.8.04; Richmond Times Dispatch 4.9.04; Statement by Archdiocese of Boston 1.27.10; Daily News Tribune 1.27.10; Daily Comet 1.27.10; The Pilot 1.29.10; Assignment Record
Nicholson Patrick L. 1969 Sued Diocesan USAF <= Nicholson, a chaplain assigned to Air Force Academy, was accused of pressing a female freshman at Air Force Academy in 1984 into an improper sexual relationship after she had gone to him for counseling. The relationship resumed briefly in 1999. Woman told military investigators of the relationship in 1999 and he was discharged from Air Force in 2000. Another woman came forward in 2003 to allege abuse by Nicholson when she was 15 in 1970s. Previously part of Mobile AL diocese. Mobile AL Star Tribune 4.13.02; Duluth News Tribune 4.5.03; Duluth News Tribune 11.18.03; Duluth News Tribune 2.11.06; Duluth News Tribune 9.15.06
Nwoga Laserian I. 1995 Sued Diocesan USAF < Accused of fondling of girl, age 17, in rectory in 2001. Civil suit filed. Diocese investigated and said it was inappropriate but not abuse. Still active priest with Camden diocese in 1/05 when he served in Kuwait for several months as military chaplain. As of 4/07, he was stationed at Kadena Air Force Base, Japan. Camden NJ Courier Post 10.8.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.9.02; Archdiocese for Military Services Newsletter, 2005; Archdiocese for Military Services Newsletter 5.07
O’Connell William C. 1950 Convicted Diocesan 1953 Navy => After 2 parishes in 3 years became Navy chaplain 1953-58. Resigned to avoid court martial for criminal homosexual contact. Reassigned in Providence. Abuse of 3 boys in 1965-72 is alleged in suit settled 6/11/93 and 10/31/94 RICO suit. Pled guilty to abuse of 3 boys 1972-85; sentenced 6/23/86 to 5 years, 4 suspended. Sent to St. Luke’s. Retired 1986 to Camden diocese. Pled guilty 12/19/94 to sexual assault and making child porn; got 10 years on 2/3/95. Other suits. Included in 9/9/02 settlement. Providence RI Associated Press 2.25.85; Investigative Report 7.12.85; Associated Press 6.24.86; San Jose Mercury News 12.31.87 (Major Accounts); Washington Post 6.11.93; Providence Journal-Bulletin 7.03.94; Providence Journal-Bulletin 7.13.94; NY Times 10.13.93; Providence Journal Bulletin 12.21.94; Providence Journal Bulletin 2.05.95; Providence Journal Bulletin 9.21.96; Philadelphia Inquirer 7.21.02; Providence Journal-Bulletin 8.18.02; Providence Journal-Bulletin 9.10.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05; Assignment Record
Robert R., Jr. 1977 Settled Diocesan 1982 Army <=> Accused in 9/3/93 suit of raping a 14-year-old boy in 1984 at Ft. Benning GA. Peebles was an Army chaplain 1982-84. Settled 2/10/98 with 3 other cases. In 1984 Peebles confessed to the assault and resigned from the military in lieu of prosecution, and was reassigned to a parish by the Dallas diocese. Records show he sexually abused 15-20 boys before, during, and after chaplaincy, starting in 1979. Worked at 5 assignments, twice after the diocese had knowledge. Suspended 1986. Laicized 1989. Dallas TX Dallas Morning News 9.04.93; Dallas Morning News 8.05.94; Dallas Morning News 8.09.94; Richard Sipe Preliminary Expert Report 1996; Thomas Doyle Expert Report 5.16.96; Newsday 10.12.96; Dallas Morning News 6.14.97; Dallas Morning News 6.18.97; Dallas Morning News 2.12.98; Dallas Morning News 11.06.98; Dallas Morning News 7.10.99; Associated Press 4.26.02; Dallas Morning News 10.27.02; Associated Press 10.08.03; 10.10.03; Catholic Scouters & Sexual Abuse, 11.30.07
Carl 1977 Settled Diocesan Navy = As Navy chaplain in Iceland in 1985, Peltz allegedly forced 12 yr old boy to drink whiskey & then raped him. Federal suit filed 1991 alleged Steubenville Diocese should have known Peltz had a drinking problem. Instead, it certified him as fit for service as Navy Chaplain. Suit settled by Diocese in 1993 for $25K. In 2003 Kalamazoo MI review board "exonerated" him and found no credible evidence. He has been active priest in Kalamazoo diocese since 1997 Still active per diocesan website 3/09. Steubenville OH Associated Press 4.5.02; Associated Press 4.7.02; Associated Press 4.26.02; Grrand Rapids Press 7.25.03; Associated Press 10.8.03; Associated Press 10.18.03; Pittsburgh Post Gazette 1.11.04; Marietta Times 2.16.06
Perrault Arthur 1964 Accused Diocesan <1974 Air National Guard Ordained in Hartford Ct. Diocese & sent to NM for treatment in 1967. Served as Air National Guard Chaplain at some point. Abused at least 10 boys & girls. At least 4 suits filed against Perrault and Archdiocese of Santa Fe (1992 & 1994). 1 suit settled 11/93 for $600K. Four were settled in 1995. Perrault fled the diocese in 1992 and was in hiding. Location still unknown as 2003. Santa Fe NM Associated Press 1.2.93; Associated Press 11.25.93; Philadelphia Inquirer 1.17.94; Albuquerque Journal 7.21.95; Albuquerque Tribune 9.18.96; Albuquerque Journal 3.21.98; USA Today 3.26.02; Associated Press 2.12.03
Pick Louis V. 1939 Sued Diocesan 1943 Navy > < Accused of abuse of 1 in 1947 per archdiocesan report. Died 1969. Named in at least 1 civil suit. Los Angeles CA LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2; Assignments: LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
William C. 1953 Sued Diocesan Army Active Reserves > One woman filed suit 4/05 alleging abuse by Poepperling between 1956-1959. Second woman filed suit 8/05 alleging abuse for 4 years, beginning when she was 4 in 1950s. Poepperling died in 1983 at age 78. Most counts in each case were dismissed by the trial court in 2008 or 2009 and dismissals was upheld by Court of Appeals 2/10. St. Louis MO St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4.27.05; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 8.26.05; Nicholson Complaint 8.25.05; St. Louis Daily Record 6.4.08; Leagle 2.23.10 Doe v. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis; Leagle 2.23.10 Nicholson v. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis; Assignment Record
Redmond H. 1982 Diocesan 1992 USAF < Accused in 1993 of molesting a boy in 1987. Allegations against Raux and Rev. James L. Wilson Jr. were settled in 1995 for $200K but Raux later denied the charge. Cardinal Law assured the military he knew of no reason why Raux would be unsuitable to work with children in a 1996 letter recommending Raux for a USAF chaplaincy in WY. Still shown on Archdiocesan website 6/27/09 with assignment as chaplain at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. Boston MA Boston Herald 12.12.02; Boston Globe 12.12.02; Wyoming Tribune-Eagle 12.12.02; Florida Today 12.13.02; Rocky Mountain News 12.13.02; Orlando Sentinel 12.14.02; Florida Today 12.18.02; Florida Today 1.15.03; Assignments: Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
Reidy Robert 1962 Sued Diocesan Navy < Accused in a 2002 lawsuit by two Youngstown, Ohio, brothers of sexually abusing them in the 1960s before Reidy joined the Navy. Chancellor Nancy Yuhasz of the Youngstown diocesestated last year that Reidy had admitted the abuse. Later on, Bishop Thomas Tobin said Reidy denied the allegations. Yuhasz said in 2003 that she could not discuss the case because of the lawsuit. Youngstown OH AP 10.12.03; Associated Press 5.24.02; Associated Press 5.30.02; Akron Beacon Journal 6.18.02; Associated Press 10.08.03
David F. 1975 Accused Diocesan 1986 Navy
USAF < Placed on administrative leave 8/06 after man made allegations that Reilly had improper contact with him in 1970s when he was 13 or 14 years old. Reilly admits contact but says it was not what it was alleged to be. Reilly was a military chaplain 1986-1996, first in the Navy and then in the Air Force, except for a parish assignment 1990-1991. Cincinnati OH Cincinnati Enquirer 8.19.06; Hamilton Journal News 8.19.06; Dayton Daily News 8.19.06; Middeltown Journal 8.20.06; Assignments:
Cincinnati Post 8.19.06
Barry E. 1976 Convicted Diocesan 1984 USAF = Air Force chaplain for many years. Left military in 1995 after investigation in 1994 for sexual misconduct with minor in Mobile AL. Also left active priesthood. Name became known in 2003. Pleaded guilty in late 2004 to abuse of a 6 year old boy in fall of 2003 in NY. Suffering from stomach cancer. Resided at St. Luke's Institute rather than jail because he was ill. Attempted suicide 8/07 before sentencing. Remanded to prison 10/29/07. Living at St. John Vianney Renewal Center as of 6/09. Brooklyn NY Mobile Register 4.25.03; Associated Press 10.8.03; Mobile Register 2.17.04; Port St. Lucie News 3.6.04; New York Post 3.6.04; Palm Beach Post 3.9.04; Associated Press 3.12.04; Newsday 3.18.04; Palm Beach Post 10.6.04; Newsday 12.16.04; Newsday 12.24.04; Tallahassee Democrat 12.24.04; Mobile Register 6.25.05; Newsday 2.17.07; NY Post 8.2.07; Newsday 8.3.07; TCPalm 8.3.07; Newsday 10.25.07; Newsday 10.27.07; Newsday 10.29.07; KSDK 5.6.10
Ryan Edmund K. 1965 Accused OP 1991 Navy < Professed vows in 1960; ordained in 1965. Worked in Eugene for two years in the early 1980s. Assigned to Holy Rosary in Northeast Portland (1983-1991), before Navy chaplaincy. Accused of inappropriately touching a 16-year-old boy in Eugene in 1983 or 1984 when the victim was in high school. The order's review board advised return to ministry, but the order decided against it. Also worked in the Oakland diocese. Last known location was St. Albert's Priory in Oakland. Portland OR Oregonian 11.12.06; ABC7 4.06.05; Associated Press 4.07.05; ABC7 10.14.05; Contra Costa Times 4.01.08
Saldana Jose Mario 1978 Accused Diocesan 1996 VA Hospital < Accused of abusing 15 year old boy in Ferris TX. Mother complained to diocese. Saldana was transferred. Assigned to a parish and a VA hospital 1996-1998. Then he was removed for medical reasons. Diocese later stated that he was in a treatment center in St. Louis, but that he retained faculties. Also worked in Ft. Worth and Tyler dioceses. Dallas TX Dallas Morning News 10.24.98; Arlington Morning News 10.24.98
Scanlan William J. 1972 Accused Diocesan 1998 VA Hospital < Personnel files show that as early as 1987, one church official noted that Scanlan "fools around with kids." Accused of raping a 12 year old girl. Sent for residential treatment. Later assigned to a prison ministry before being reassigned to parish work. Scanlan was then moved to California in 1998 to work in a VA hospital in San Jose. U.S. attorney investigated because Boston Vicar General Murphy falsely stated on a federal form that there was no "adverse information" in assigning Scanlan to the VA hospital. Boston MA Documents relevant to U.S. attorney's investigation; Associated Press 11.18.05 (with links); Boston Globe 12.10.02; RCAB Documents; Boston Herald 12.10.02; Patriot Ledger 12.10.02; San Jose Mercury News 12.17.02; Boston Globe 6.17.04; Providence Journal (AP) 6.23.04; Boston Globe 11.19.05; Newsday 11.22.05; Assignment Record
Schutte Robert W. 1943 Accused Diocesan USAF ? Put on administrative leave in late 2003 after allegations that he sexually abused a minor several decades before. Schutte retired in 1984 and died in 1/04. Worked in St. Augustine FL and was also an auxiliary military chaplain at Air Force bases in Florida. Cincinnati OH Catholic Telegraph 1.30.04; Pathways Spring 2004; San Antiono Express-News 10.08.04
Sharpe Joseph F. 1943 Sued Diocesan 1944 Navy > Sued 2003. Accused of abuse of 1 between 1958-1964 per archdiocesan report. Excardinated from LA and incardinated in Orange 1976. Also on that diocese's list of abusive priests. Died 1999. Los Angeles CA LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; LA Times 12.18.03; OC Weekly 10.28.05-11.03.05; Ten Minute Activist 2.06.04; City of Angels 12.07.07; Assignments: LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06; OC Weekly 3.04.05
Sinclair Roger A. 1974 Accused Diocesan 1983 USAF

VA Hospitals
Removed 2002. Accused of abuse. Also worked as military chaplain (USAF) in the San Bernardino CA and Pensacola-Tallahassee FL dioceses and as a VA chaplain in the Kansas City KS archdiocese, Richmond VA diocese, and Boston archdiocese. Greensburg PA Pittsburg Tribune-Review 4.23.02; Tribune-Review 1.7.05
Somma James E., Jr. 1959 Settled Diocesan USAF Retired as Air Force chaplain in 1984. In 1988 woman said she was abused by Somma 25 years earlier. Allegation judged "not credible" by the diocese and court later dismissed case due to statute of limitations. Remained an active priest until his death in 2002. Second allegation rec'd 2002. Civil suit filed by 1 man 2004. Claims included in Diocese's 9/07 $1.25 mil settlement as to 32 plaintiffs alleging abuse by 17 priests. Pittsburgh PA Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11.29.02; Post-Gazette 6.15.03; Post-Gazette 1.15.04; Post-Gazette 9.18.07
Spalding Leon C. 1959 Sued Diocesan 1982 Army < > Woman filed suit 4/03 alleging that she was molested as a minor by Spalding after confession in early 1970s. He denied the accusations. Per one article, Spalding retired in 3/03 after facing an unrelated accusation involving an adult woman. This information came from letter that Archbishop Kelly read to Spalding's parishioners 3/03. Still shown as retired per 2009 Catholic Directory. Louisville KY Associated Press 4.21.03; Courier-Journal 4.22.03; Assignment Record
Sugrue Timothy 1963 Trial and Damages Marist USAF In 1992 civil suit, Sugrue is accused of abusing a girl and her sister in the early 1970s at Air Force Base in Arkansas. Sugrue did not testify but took the Fifth Amendment in deposition re involvement with children in assignments in Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Alaska, and the Philippines. Sugrue resigned from Air Force in 1979 after investigation into allegations that he had engaged in improper behavior with children.1993 trial resulted in $1.5M judgment against Sugrue not the Marists. Washington DC Birmingham News 11.02.93; Birmingham News 11.30.93; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 12.30.93; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 6.07.95; Associated Press 4.26.02; Associated Press 10.08.03
Trevino Robert 1985 Diocesan USAF Accused in 1995 civil suit of sexually assaulting youth in 1993 in rectory of St. Joseph Church in Alice Texas. Suit also named Bishop Gracida, Diocese of Corpus Christi, NCCB/USCC, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Archbishop Flores of San Antonio, and Catholic Church. Police investigated in 1994 and spoke with diocese. DA's office sat on case for long time. No action taken. After complaint, Trevino entered Air Force as Chaplain. Served at Holloman AFB in NM. Corpus Christi TX Houston Chronicle 8.31.95
Turner Joseph 1958 Accused Salvatorian 1968 Army Auxiliary Bishop Sklba admitted in a 2002 letter that he believed Turner had sexually assaulted a youth in 1960s at St. Pius parish in Wauwatosa. Became military chaplain in 1966 or 1968 and served two tours in Vietnam. Left military after 10 years and returned to WI. Turner died in 2001. When the 2002 letter was written, the victim was serving a life sentence in prison. Milwaukee WI Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 7.19.01; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2.6.09; Assignment Record
Gary E. 1980 Convicted Diocesan 1987 USAF < Arraigned 11/06 on 8 counts of molesting two boys under the age of 15 in 1983 and 1984 at St. Odilia's Catholic Church. He was at the church from 1982-1988. He was working as Air Force chaplain in Louisiana when the diocese placed him on leave. Indicted again 5/07 on charges of abusing another youth in 1985-1986. Pleaded guilty 5/08 to abuse of 3. Sentenced to 10 yrs prison & lifetime probation 8/08. In 7/09 Court had to reduce probation to 3 yrs. Tucson AZ Tucson Daily Star 12.6.06; Shreveport Times (AP) 12.06.06; KOLD 12.6.08; Tucson Citizen 12.7.06; Shreveport Times 12.7.06; KOLD 12.8.06; Tucson Citizen 5.24.07; Arizona Daily Star 5.24.07; Shreveport Times 5.25.07; Arizona Daily Star 7.11.07; Arizona Daily Star 8.8.07; Arizona Daily Star 10.8.07; Arizona Daily Star 1.8.08; Arizona Daily Star 5.14.08; Tuccson Citizen 5.15.08; Shreveport Times 5.17.08; Tucson Citizen 8.4.08; Arizona Daily Star 8.5.08; Air Force Times 8.5.08; Tucson Daily Star 8.6.08; Arizona Daily Star 7.17.09
Armand 1957 Acquitted Diocesan 1986 VA Hospital Ventre served at our Lady of Good Help Parish from 1980-1985. He was indicted 8/85 for sexually molesting 2 altar boys and 1 mentally handicapped youth between 1981-1984. In 1986 the Judge dismissed charges re the 2 altar boys and next day the Judge found Ventre not guilty of abuse of the 3rd boy in a non-jury trial. He was returned to active assignment as chaplain at VA Hospital and then another hospital. He retired in Jan. 1999 and died in December 1999. Providence RI United Press International 7.6.85; Galveston Daily News 8.21.85; United Press International 7.31.85; United Press International 1.16.86; United Press International 1.25.86; Associated Press 2.12.86; United Press International 8.13.86; United Press International 8.15.86; Providence Journal Bulletin 12.29.99
John J. 1967 Settled Diocesan Army Reserve < Accused in 1991 suit of abusing David Clohessy 1969-73 from about age 12. Abuse included touching the boy's genitals and lying on top of him during trips, some of them out-of-state. Allegedly abused others including Clohessy's brother Kevin, later a priest and himself accused of abuse. College chaplain from 1983; Army reserve chaplain by 1990; chancery job 1991; resigned and disappeared 1992. Case dismissed 1992 after MO Supreme Court decision on new SOL law. Reportedly now a flight attendant. Jefferson City MO Columbia Missourian 9.7.90; Rolla Daily News 8.2.91; Columbia Missourian 8.4.91; Columbia Daily Tribune 8.6.91; Columbia Missourian 9.6.91; Columbia Daily Tribune 9.6.91; Columbia Daily Tribune 9.12.91; Columbia Daily Tribune 9.19.91; Columbia Missourian 2.9.92; Columbia Daily Tribune 2.15.92; Columbia Missourian 2.17.92; Post-Dispatch 4.08.02; Post-Dispatch 5.12.02; NY Times 5.12.02; The Pitch 10.16.03; Journal of Religion & Abuse 6.2. 2004; Assignment Record
Ronald R. 1979 Accused Diocesan 1982
National Guard < > Accused in 6/02 of getting a male minor drunk and attempting to perform oral sex on the boy. Williams was suspended and, investigative files reveal, two other men then came forward to the prosecutor. One alleged similar abuse in 1979 at age 16. The other alleged Williams fondled his bottom at age 17 in 1984. No charges filed because SOL expired. Vatican permanently barred from active ministry per 4/20/07 announcement. Died 7/6/10. Detroit MI Detroit Free Press 9.9.02; Detroit News 9.9.02; Detroit Free Press 10.19.02; WOOD 4.20.07; Detroit Free Press 4.20.07; Oakland Press 4.21.07; Archdiocese of Detroit News Release 7.12.10; SNAP Statement 7.13.10; Detriot Free Press 11.14.10; Assignments: Archdiocese of Detroit Press Release 9.08.02

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